E Max cycle, up the dosage?

  1. E Max cycle, up the dosage?

    Ten Days into my E Max Cylcle. Trying to put on mass. Been keeping up with my diet and training consitantly but have seen almost no gains. I am 6' 190 (started cycle at 188 and the only place I have seen a weight gain is around my mid section). This is my first time trying E max and was going to run a five week cycle like this.

    W1 E max 20
    W2-3 E max 30
    W4 E max 20 Prost 75
    W5 Prost 75

    Have been keeping up with Red Yeast Rice, Milk Thisle, Multi Etc..

    My Question is this is it safe to go to 40 for week 3 and 30 for week four?

    Or can I transition to SD now and extend the cycle a week?Because I have some SD and was considering doing this.

    Also not much in the way of sides (one neck cramp on day three).

    Please help. Don't want to waste this cycle.

  2. thats funny cause i was on SD for 2 weeks with no results and i switched to e..max and right now im loooooving it so much more. no sides and my strength is finally shooting through the roof. I say if u know ur body best and as long as ur educated on the products then do what feels right. IM going 4 weeks on emax (on week 1 now) right after 2 weeks on SD and im not shutdown at all and i feel f'in great. i say stop the emax completely if u dont see gains on 30mg ED cause anything over 30mg is a bit excess. then just switch over to SD and go from there. Im sure ull get mixed opinions, but anyway u do it -goodluck

  3. I noticed emax at 10mg/day.

  4. stop the emax madness!!! just use Phera !!! the first one is on me, then the rest is on you... the phera plex pimp...

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