Started my SD/Prostanazol cycle yesterday..

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  1. Started my SD/Prostanazol cycle yesterday..

    Started my second PH/AAS cycle yesterday. The first was E-Max with great gains but a poor PCT. I'm 22yrs old, 6', 200lbs, and I've been lifting for about 2 1/2 years now. I'm looking to add some strength and a little size while maintaining or lowering my BF% with this cycle. Heres what I have planned:

    Week 1: SD 10mg
    Week 2: SD 20mg
    Week 3: SD 20mg, Prostan 75mg
    Week 4: Prostan 75mg
    Week 5: Prostan 75mg
    Week 6: Nolva 40, Rebound XT 25
    Week 7: Nolva 30, Rebound XT 50
    Week 8: Nolva 20, Rebound XT 75
    Week 9: Nolva 20, Rebound XT 75

    I am currently, and will be taking throughout Milk Thistle, Red Yeast Rice, CoQ10, Hawthorne Berry, Fish Oil, a Multivitamin, and 5-6 scoops a day of ON Whey Protein with skim milk. During PCT I will add Fenugreek and possibly DHEA, Tribulus, and ZMA. I also may add a 4th week of SD 20mg and/or ditch the Prostan 75mg in Week 5 depending on how my gains are coming.

    I've always been a bodypart-a-day guy but for this I think the more often I can hit a bodypart, the better so I'm going to try:
    Day 1: Chest/Biceps
    Day 2: Back/Triceps
    Day 3: Shoulders/Legs
    Day 4: Off

    Anything I need to add here? I'll keep you all posted. Wish me luck!

  2. If you were me....and I will be running SD in the future. I would go with Activate, that product was awesome when coupled with RXT just on its own. Fen, Dhea, Trib, and especially ZMA...drop them, get Activate by DS. You won't be dissapointed.

  3. Day 3: First workout while "on" today. Did chest and biceps. No changes in strength yet. Slight headache this afternoon for about an hour. My eyes seem to be staying bloodshot too. Back and triceps in the morning..

  4. Day 4: Did back today. No changes yet. No headaches today, either.

  5. ef nine, I also started a SD cycle last Sunday morning. I am doing everything similar to you, looking foward to watching your progress.

    The only side I have felt so far is my face seems more oily, which is good because that means test levels are on the raise.

    Becareful with the headaches and blood shot eyes. Means you are having some blood pressure issues..
    I'd go to Walmart and get a BP monitor, costs around 30-50 bucs.
    May want to bump the hawthorne and throw in some celery seed extract.

    I'm already feeling some good pumps and may stick at 10mg for awhile..

    Good luck

  6. Day 5: Shoulders and abs. Strength is creeping up slowly. Got 125x10 on barbell military press which is a new PR for me. Endurance has always been good for me in the gym, but the only thing slowing me down after a full shoulder workout and quite a bit of ab work was being hungry. My upper body (chest, shoulders, back) seems to be hardening a bit. I'm not feeling any out of the ordinary pumps yet but I'm not seeing any other sides yet either. I actually just started the hawthorne on Monday and the headaches have stopped and my eyes have cleared up. My body seems to be a sponge when it comes to drinking water and I'm craving AND eating all kinds of carbs.

    Looking forward to the next couple weeks as the gains should start coming any day now.

  7. Day 6: Legs and triceps. More of the same from yesterday..strength creeping up and hunger coming on before fatigue. Last week on squats I got 185x6 (I never do squats. I know, I know.) today I got 225x5. I'm not looking forward to the soreness in my quads tomorrow. I'm starting to get a good pump from my workouts but its by no means painful yet. Also my back soreness seems to be lingering longer than usual but its not too out of the ordinary. I'm beginning to see some added vascularity in my forearms as well.

    BTW, I weighed in at 208lbs today..up 8 lbs since Sunday via water retention and a jam packed stomach.

  8. Day 8: Resting and watching football today. I did biceps yesterday. No real strength gains there altough I did get 110lbsx5 on ez curl preacher curls, another new PR. Another note, the SD seems to be correcting some of my Holiday gluttony. In other words I seem to be losing some bodyfat. No caliper measurements, just the mirror and my pants getting loose. Bumping the dosage up to 20mg today.

  9. I was able to get some measurements today. A buddy of mine is an Excercise Phys. major so he got me in their lab to do a 7 point skin fold test and some other stuff.

    Height: 72in
    Weight: 208lbs
    Skinfold BF: 13%
    Handheld Electro-impedence BF: 13.9%
    Chest: 42in
    Shoulders: 49in
    Neck: 16in
    Bicep: 15.5in
    Thigh: 24in
    Calf: 15in

    Just some baseline numbers for future reference. I'm actually really surprised with the BF%. I've never had it measured before but I figured it would be in the upper teens. I plan to take the measurements again at the end of the cycle and then do the measurements and skinfold test at the end of PCT.

  10. Day 9: Back workout, abs, and cardio. Again, my strength is going up ever so slightly as is vascularity. I did 15mins of moderate intensity cario on an eliptical. I would have went for 20 but for the first time, the lower back pumps started. It wasn't unbearable, just annoying so I called it quits at 15mins, stretched a little and was on my way.

    Also, I got some Activate in the mail today to add to my PCT. Thanks for the advice Rage.

  11. Day 10: Chest topped off with abs and calves. Strength is up a little on my presses but still nothing spectacular. I started feeling some shoulder and elbow aches while lifting and for a little while after so I guess its time to pick up so glucosamine.

    Libido is up. I realized it today when I noticed how much trouble I'm having focusing on the professor and not the girls in my classes.

  12. Random: Checked my blood pressure tonight.. 129/72. Also, played quite a bit of air hockey tonight and my elbows were aching pretty bad, worse than when I was lifting earlier today. I went straight to WalMart and picked up some glucosamine/chondritin. I also picked up some policosinol for my cholesterol, just for good measure.

  13. What are your dosages on the Policosinol and also how much milk thistle do you take a day?

  14. subscribed

    Good luck on the upcoming gains!

  15. 20mg ed for the policosanol. As for the milk thistle its either 750mg or 3g..heres what the bottle says about the dose:
    "1 Softgel: Milk Thistle-250mg (silybum marianum) (seed) (from a 4:1 extract) (Equivalent to 1,000mg of Milk Thistle)"
    Whatever that means, I take 3 a day.

  16. Day 11: Went to do biceps/triceps this morning. Got through 3 sets of preacher curls, 3 sets of skull crushers, and 2 sets of standing dumbell curls before the pain in my elbows made me give up. I have a feeling I really should have started taking glucosamine about a month ago instead of last night.

    Is there anything else, OTC, that I should add for joint support? This is day 4 at 20mg of SD..should I drop it back down to 10mg? I think I'll take tomorrow off and see what happens on Friday.

    On a positive note I did squat 225x10 with ease

  17. Quote Originally Posted by ef nine
    Day 11: Went to do biceps/triceps this morning. Got through 3 sets of preacher curls, 3 sets of skull crushers, and 2 sets of standing dumbell curls before the pain in my elbows made me give up. I have a feeling I really should have started taking glucosamine about a month ago instead of last night.

    Is there anything else, OTC, that I should add for joint support? This is day 4 at 20mg of SD..should I drop it back down to 10mg? I think I'll take tomorrow off and see what happens on Friday.

    On a positive note I did squat 225x10 with ease
    Good log man, congrats on the improvements. For the joints try bumping up your efa intake and look into some Cissus.
    ~ Nothing can kill the Grimace!!

  18. try cissus RX for the joints, never tried it myself but many are fond of it.

    Quote Originally Posted by ef nine
    Day 11: Went to do biceps/triceps this morning. Got through 3 sets of preacher curls, 3 sets of skull crushers, and 2 sets of standing dumbell curls before the pain in my elbows made me give up. I have a feeling I really should have started taking glucosamine about a month ago instead of last night.

    Is there anything else, OTC, that I should add for joint support? This is day 4 at 20mg of SD..should I drop it back down to 10mg? I think I'll take tomorrow off and see what happens on Friday.

    On a positive note I did squat 225x10 with ease

  19. Day 12: Alright. I know I said I was going to take today off but I woke up feeling invincible this morning so I went in to do shoulders. And I did a lot of shoulders. And calves. And traps. And triceps.

    Strength is up all around. As is intensity and vascularity, oh the vascularity. I weighed at 204lbs today and as said before my BF is right around 13%. I have all kinds of veins showing in my forearms and one running from my thumb up my forearm, bicep, and front delt where it dissappears into my chest. I love it.

    The pain in my elbows is still there, although not as bad as yesterday. It seems to not bother me with pressing movements, but any pulling or curling motion is futile. They bothered me quite a bit during upright rows but not really on anything else today.

    I've got to work all weekend so I'll only get to lift once if any at all. Hopefully a weekend of rest will help the ol joints out and I'll be ready to attack the gym on Monday. I won't have internet access till Sunday night so ya'll have a good one.

  20. The Prostan dries the joints plus you are growing muscle not connective tissue. So move forward but warm up well. I do it by warming up to my working sets. I took lots of Glucosamine and Chron, but did not get any relief till I added MSM. The red eyes are also due to the PRO. Drink more water it helps. Just my thoughts..

    Press ON...

  21. I don't think he's started the Prostan yet.

  22. Moyer

    I believe you are correct and I was mistaken. None the less he should beware of fore said either way. It could still be not enough water as I found more was required for SD and again when Pro is added. SD had me pissing frequently. Secondly he could be pushing to heavy, to fast concerning the joints. As most of us are aware it is about learning your body. And it changes as we age. Doesn't mean good or bad just fact, change is continous all around us.

  23. Day 16: Did some chest on Saturday before work with strength up in all my presses and flyes. Coworkers I hadn't seen in 2 weeks commented on my "looking thicker".

    Did back, triceps, and abs today. Strength up on everything. Also my muscles have hardened up quite a bit all around. The lower back pumps are becoming a little annoying..the hour and a half drive back to school yesterday was tough. My calves and shins get pretty tight walking accross campus too. I'll probably pick up some taurine tomorrow.

    I also started the Prostan @ 75mg today. I weighed 204 again today, but I think it was Beelzebub that said it best. F*** the scale! I'm making gains and losing some fat according to the mirror and my waistline.

  24. Day 17: Legs. More of the same..strength inching up. Squatted 225x10 again and then 275x4, the most I've ever done. Quads are coming along nicely and starting to show some definition.

    Also, a little bacne is showing up. Nothing major just a few more pimples than normal.

  25. Day 18: Okay, here we go. Doing biceps today was the first time I've REALLY felt this stuff working. I was lifting more than usual with relative ease but the pumps were there more than ever. I mean we're talkin struggle-to-adjust-my-headphones type pumps. Even as I type this 6 hours later they're still a little swolen. Its awesome. Increased vascularity too.

    Everything else is going well too. Ever so slight increase in body acne and I may be shedding just a little more than usual. Also, the prostan is making my eyes really bloodshot. I'm currently drinking about 4liters of water a day..should I drink more?

    Really looking forward to the next couple weeks, as I should really start to see some results.

  26. Day 19: Shoulders. Noticeable increase in strength on every lift. I did barbell military press with 135x8, a new PR. Vascularity is still increasing too, as is muscle hardness. The skin on my forearms stays really tight now. I tried to do cardio but had to stop at 8mins due to the lower back pumps. Also, my libido was through the roof for the first 2 weeks but since I added the Prostan it seems to have gone back to normal. Oh well.

  27. Day 20: Chest. Wow. Got 225x6 and 255x1 today, both personal bests. Strength is up, up, up. So is muscle hardness. In a front double biceps pose my delts feel more like bone than muscle. Size is increasing, vascularity is pushing the veins through my 13% BF. Felt invincible in the gym today. I love it. Wish I could live on cycle .

  28. Day 21: Legs and abs. Had a really good workout. Squatted 225x12, 275x6, then 315x2, the most I've ever done.

    Ya know, at the end of week 2 I was getting skeptical about this whole cycle. At 2weeks on my E Max LMG cycle over the summer I had already experience huge strength increases, but I've gotta say Week 3 has been awesome. I'm very impressed with SD so far and look forward to my last week on it.

  29. Glad you're having a good cycle so far. Keep it up!

  30. Good job on the PR for squats, 3 plates feels hella great.

  31. Day 23: Took yesterday off to rest, watch the Superbowl and pig out . Went in today to do back and triceps. I had a good workout but halfway through, I noticed that my jacket which had my cell phone in it was stolen from the hook where it was hanging in the gym so I was slightly distracted. Anyway, I got a decent workout in but I could have done much much more. Strength is still increasing, as is hardness and focus in the gym.

    Thanks for the comments guys. I'm glad to see someone is reading this

  32. good log

  33. Day 24: Really good shoulder workout today. Warmed everything up first (I've always been plagued with shoulder/rotator problems) then did 4 sets of seated barbell military presses (ending with 135x8) supersetted with dumbell lateral raises (20x12).

    Then did 3 sets of upright rows (90x10) supersetted with plate front raises (45x12).

    Then did 3 sets of hammer strength machine lateral raises supersetted with cable rear delt flyes.

    Finished up with 5 sets of barbell shrugs (ending with 315x8)

    Threw in some abs and 4 sets of squats (135x15, 185x10, 225x10, 225x10) for good measure.

    I noticed that I seem to have a little bit of apathy/lethargy. Just enough for me to notice.. Otherwise things are going well. BP tonight was 134/79, I havent had a headache in weeks and my red eyes have been clear for about 5 days now. Also, the joint pain I was experiencing went away about a week after starting Glucosamine/Chondroitin. I'm bigger, stronger, and more vascular than I've ever been. I'm looking forward to taking measurements again in a few weeks.

    I must confess though that my diet has not been as clean as it should be and I have put on a little fat. Also, my appetite is no where near what it was while on Emax LMG but I've been eating anyway afraid that I wouldn't maximize the potential of my cycle. My 32"s still fit fine, but I'm kind of looking forward to not having lower back pumps so I can crank up the cardio and get ready for spring break .

  34. Day 26: Took yesterday off for some much neeed rest. Did chest and biceps today. Had a really good workout. Did incline dumbell, flat dumbell, smith machine incline, hammer strength flyes, and low pulley crossovers. At this point I was talked into participating in the "Abs Class" with about 40 girls. Fun times .

    Did 4 sets of standing alternate dumbell curls working up to 45x7. 3 Sets of ez-bar curls working up to 100x8. And 3 sets of dumbell preacher curls @ 30x12.

    Strength was way up on everything and the pump in my biceps and forearms was crazy.

  35. Day 27: Legs. If you'll recall..

    Quote Originally Posted by ef nine
    Day 6: ... Last week on squats I got 185x6 (I never do squats. I know, I know.) today I got 225x5.
    Well, today I got 225x12 and 275x8 on squats. Did leg presses, extensions, curls, and dead lifts with strength up on all lifts and very nice pumps. There have been some very noticeable gains in size in my thighs and calves.

    Tomorrow I'll take my last dose of Superdrol and I've got one week left of the Prostan. I got my Nolva in the mail last week. It smells like straight up hairspray and kerosene..not looking forward to taking that but its part of the deal i suppose.

    BTW, weighed 216lbs today.

  36. Day 30: Forgot to add but on Saturday I did biceps/triceps and on Sunday I did back. Had incredible workouts. Insane pumps. Superdrol/Prostan is awesome.

    Today I did shoulders. Started off with 4 sets of smith-machine military press supersetted with dumbell lateral raises. After my 4th set I was able to get two plates on each side of the smith machine (180lbs+whatever the bar weighs) for 4 reps, the most ever for me. I then did 4 sets of upright rows working my way up to 110x10 with strict form. Again, the most ever for me. Did 4 sets of hammer strength machine shoulder presses with 130 on each side for six reps on the last two sets. Again, the most ever for me. Also did rear delt flyes, dumbell front raises, and cable lateral raises with great pumps and strength on each. Finally wrapped the workout up with some ab work.

    I felt awesome today. One of my best workouts ever. The back pumps are probably at their worst so far but I suspect they'll taper off soon since I'm no longer on the SD. As I've said before, I had my doubts about the cycle at the halfway point but I am absolutely sold now. The strength gains are great, the pumps are border-line painful, the vascularity is awesome, my shirts have gotten tight, all my friends who aren't into lifting have made comments, and my focus and intensity in the has reached new highs. My only complaint is a little bit of lethargy. Some days I feel like I could lay in bed all day but once I get going I'm fine.

    Overall, SD/Prostan gets a huge from me. I'm actually looking forward to PCT to see if I continue to make gains.

  37. Day 33: Well I'm 2 days into PCT now and things are going well. I had about 4 days worth of Prostan left but I honestly just wasn't feeling that good (tired, lazy, just kinda bummed overall) so I went ahead with PCT. For the first week I'm doing 40mg Nolva, 25mg RXT, 3 Fenugreeks, and 4 ActivaTe per day along with all the other support supps I've taken throughout the cycle.

    I should add that on this cycle I've noticed minimal ball shrinkage. I had quite a bit on EMax but not so much on SD/Prostan. I weighed 214lbs today. I also took some measurements to compare to what I took 3 weeks ago. I'll post them later on.

    Today I did chest and had a killer workout. I set a new barbell flatbench PR (again! I hit 255 last Sat.) with 265 and then 270lbs! I know its not much by most standards but I'm pumped. You've got to keep in mind it took me foooooooorever to get 225 and just a month ago I was unable to get 240. Also, one of my New Years Resolutions was to get 275 by my birthday (March 9) and by gosh, its happening next week. BTW, my new revised resolution is 315 by the end of the year.

  38. good job ef nine,,

    Well done on the bench press numbers. Go at it slow and don't hurt yourself. Nothing like a shoulder injury to stop your progress..
    SD can make you think that you are invincible in the gym.

  39. Good log. Congrats w/the gains. I know how you feel cuz i`m on a similar cycle as well. PR #`s are going through the roof!!

  40. Here are measurements from 1-23 along with updated figures from last week.

    Height: 72in
    Weight: 208lbs 214lbs
    Handheld Electro-impedence BF: 13.9% 13.9%
    Chest: 42in 43in
    Shoulders: 49in 50in
    Neck: 16in 16.5in
    Bicep: 15.5in 15.75in
    Thigh: 24in 24.25in
    Calf: 15in 16in

    I plan to take them all again along with a 7pt skinfold BF test at the end of PCT. So far, I'm very pleased.


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