alcohol and steroids

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  1. I think jstrong was right on. also beezle. I drink sometimes on a cycle but never in pct.

  2. I don't see what the big deal is, I don't drink and I go to parties all the time. My friends are all cool with it and they don't try to get me to drink anymore. Plus it's always kinda fun to be the sober one looking in on all the stupid ****.

  3. I maybe an odd one, but I love beer. Not even to get smashed off of it, but I love the taste of it and all the varities of it there are to sample. I have cut back down on my drinking but I think beelz hit it right on the head when you can't go out and do something you enjoy within moderation because of everything you have read or heard that can't even really be backed up.

  4. I enjoy a nice single malt every once in a while and if I can't get smashed every now and then what excuse would I have to act like a total ass!
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