Another emergency...laugh first, but then please help

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  1. lol Nah, if I was gay I think it would've worked, cuz I would've been relaxed...I was just mad nervous thinkin about my, next time, I'm just gonna lie back and let her do the work. Everytime I'm doing everything I can to make the girl feel good, I'm always supporting myself on my arms grinding away, and it kills my ability to get it up or keep it up. It's like doin pushups. So...less physical exertion is probably what I need. Going to the gym a lot kills my libido too. (As for this particular girl, I'm pretty sure it's done with. I think her bubble of fascination for me has completely popped after the awkwardness.)

  2. Naaa, the bubble of facination popped when she met me

  3. Originally posted by wardog
    Naaa, the bubble of facination popped when she met me
    Oh yeah...Wardog True dat. she did bring you up. She said you were the best, wicked hard, lasted a long time, and probably the only guy small enough not to have hurt her at all.

  4. Touche! Nice

  5. I feel like a boy who ran over his favorite hampster on a bicycle...
    OMFG, I don't think I've laughed out loud that much sicnce sitting stoned in the middle of nowhere figuring out the plot for my giant fish related movie with a girl. I guess you had to be there, but I assure you, she was in tears.

    wait, is that a good thing?

    soz for ya bro, but you reall do have a way with words, hope it turnt out good. had to bump because of that statment

  6. This is ****ing great!!! I havent laughed so hard in awhile.
    Bro, are you a virgin yourself? I remember my first time and I was sweating my ass off trying to make sure I didnt look like a fool. Lucky for me it got up and performed beyond the call of duty.
    Ive cycled 1-test in the past and Im currently cycling 1-test and 4-AD at so psycho doses and I still have a happy wife (shes probably running on over to Wardogs place but thats another thread). I too have a full prescription bottle of Viagra and Ive only used it once (I didnt need it, we just wanted to give it a whirl) but that **** turned my johnson from a 50hp to a 500hp in minutes. At the same time my face turned red like a whore house lightbulb. The **** works. Youve got issues bro.

    I dont know what to tell you except Im glad im not wearing your pants. Man, I hope that chick doesnt run and tell her friends or youll be like that guy from American Pie who blew his load to early and everyone found out except this is probably worse.

    Good Luck bro,

    PS. You better practice with that bad boy and put some life back into him, if you know what I mean.

  7. maybe your gay, hahaha, I wanted to post that but somebody stole it. Anyways, if she can't understand then she's the wrong girl for you ain't she Good luck.

  8. go pop a few tribulus caps and get it on!

  9. Uh, old topic brothers..

  10. oh my gosh...haven't come here in weeks and I see there are still laughs at my expense. Man...that girl feels like ancient history by let me tell ya, 100 mg of viagra these days works like a charm. Haven't tried cialis yet. Now let's officially put this thread to rest.

  11. Consider it rested

  12. wait, b4 u put this thread to rest do you plan to go back and avenge your former (limpdicked) self. Please tell me your going to go back and seal the ****ing deal man.

  13. Hopefully after this response a mod can close the thread.

    This happened months ago...there's been many people since this isn't worth rehashing. But to offer closure to those who like gossip, what happened was finals time started rolling around. We talked less frequently, and she seemed distant. After awhile more typical relationship issues arose...not spending time together usually fosters jealousy and resentment. Finally we decided it wasn't worth it. She graduated so she moved back home, as did I. That's about sucks to not get with a girl simply because of physical limitations...especially when she is not only so willing but desiring...this will never happen again in the future though thanks to pfizer in large doses.

    can we close thread now?

  14. Originally posted by baham99
    Hopefully after this response a mod can close the thread. 

    Done, brother!!


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