Opinions for future stack?

  1. Opinions for future stack?


    I'm planning on running a cutting stack within the next two months and what some opinions on what to run. Here's what I have available.

    ErgoMax LMG
    M5AA <- too many bottles

    I already outlined a four week cycle of ErgoMaxLMG/Prostanozol, but I was considering stacking Ergomax LMG with M5AA, any opinions on this???

  2. i have heard that m5aa isnt that hard on the liver,what dosages were you thinking of?

  3. Ergomax LMG 10/20/20/20
    Prostanozol 50/75/100/125

    If I were going to use M5AA I would proably go anywhere from 40 up to 100mg throughout the day.

    Anyone here run Emax LMG/M5AA stack??

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