a few more questions

  1. Question a few more questions

    ok if 4-ad converts to test at 16% or so. how much 4-ad do you need to a) apply transdermally and b) intermuscuarly to equal 200mg a week.

    i guess im asking what is the absorbtion of transdermal and IM.

    also, i am thinking of using t1 for 6 weeks here soon, and then take a little bit off before another 6 weeker. then some time off before i try out a 10 week cycle of 4AD cyp IM, and maybe a transdermal 1-test, or just to 4ad cyp.

    also have you used 4ad cyp and where your experience as far as strength goes.

  2. Curt2go's transdermal calculator, it has spaces to fill in and will tell you the amount you will absorb per week/day very good stuff! (just reduce the 1-test to 0 and play with the 4-ad to meet your needs)

    THe dosing scheme for t1-pro which also includes the amount you will absorb.

    Most important of all is this link it is your friend (Forum search)

    Also are you talking about getting 200mg of test per week? Then im you would need about 1300 mg of 4-AD (1300*.16=205) But remember 4-ad has sides unconverted, and also is effective on it's own (maybe about 90% as active as test)

    If you only want 200mg of 4-Ad a week, then injecting with non-cyp 4-Ad then you would need to inject ED or EOD or 200/7, if you it is a cyp-inject then you will need a little more 4-AD because of the extra weight the changes make to the molecule. But you can inject 2x a week and get the same results. Either way 200 mg of 4-ad injected = 200 mg of 4-ad.

    There are numerous threads about injecting 4-ad, and the effects of 4-ad read them! They are in the prohormone section, and again use the search button.

  3. thank you that answered everything pretty much

  4. Not a problem, if you need anything else let us knwo

  5. Also realize that you need enzymes to convert the 4-AD. I dont know that it is something that can be easily calculated. 200/week I think is doable, but I do not know how much higher you can go, due to lack of enzymes.

  6. So, as far as enzymes are concerned, how much test from 4AD conversion do I get with my usual 1800mg oral dose?

    If I take anything less than 1200mg. a day, I wouldn't get greasy skin, so that's how I gauge its effects..


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