Superdrol Cycle

  1. Superdrol Cycle

    Hi, im 21 at 6'4" 193lbs and was wondering if you can critique my cycle and pct. I'm planning on doing a 3 week cycle followed by a 3 week pct. This is how it looks,

    Week 1 - 10mg AX Superdrol / 2 pills AX Perfect cycle
    Week 2 - 20mg AX Superdrol / 2 pills AX Perfect cycle
    Week 3 - 20mg AX Superdrol / 2 pills AX Perfect cycle
    Week 1 - 3 Pills Rebound XT / 3 Pills AX Retain
    Week 2 - 2 Pills Rebound XT / 2 Pills AX Retain
    Week 3 - 1 Pill Rebound XT / 1 Pill AX Retain


    EDIT: oh yea also and for the 10mg of superdrol when would be a good time to take it everyday, in the morning? and also with the 20mg should i take one in the morning and one at night?.. same with the AX perfect cycle, when is a good time to take the 2 pills? Sorry for all the questions, Thanks again

  2. looks good bro, with the times...i'd say take the 10mg dose 1-2 hours before workout...i believe the test levels are highest at that time (i may be wrong though.) With 20 mg I spaced it in the morning and one before workout ( my w/o was around 4 pm ) so it worked out well.

  3. Remeber that once on superdrol, your test levels mean nothing. The best time to take it on 10 mgs is like he said 1-2 hours ahead of time on an empty stomach. Again with 20 mgs in the morning 10 mg on empty stomach then again before workout. You need to be running liver support throughout pct and cycle, not just cycle. You also need some type of cholesterol helpers, such as Red Yeast Rice CQ10, Fish Oil or Flax Oil. On PCT I would still use all three of those because you are trying to get your cholesterol level back to a healthy range. Also I would suggest fenugreek to try and get your package working again. A SERM would be nice such as Nolva, but some people choose not to take it. Hope your cycle goes well, I finished mine today and will start PCT tomorrow.

  4. I would not recommend taking sd on an empty stomach. The hypoglycemia can be a bitch for some people. and f up your workout. Taking it with food does not affect absorption.Take with plenty of carbs or with a preworkout protein carb shake. Just keep an eye on how you feel.

  5. Your cycle & PCT look ok but I see some things missing.

    First off you should preload support supps such as Liver Support (or Milk Thistle or ALA or NAC), Red Yeast Rice, CoQ10, Hawthorne Berries, Celery Seed Extract, & Policanosol (not sure if I'm missing any). Run these 2 weeks before, during cycle, & during PCT. Also in your PCT you might want to throw in Fenugreek, DHEA, or something along those lines. Also look into extending your PCT a week longer than your cycle. It can't hurt.

    As for times to take the SD, when you're taking 10mgs take it 1-2 hrs before workout. When you're taking 20mgs they should be taken about 12 hrs or so apart.

    Hope this helped...



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