Contest Prep HELP with SD, PP, PROZ

  1. Contest Prep HELP with SD, PP, PROZ

    I have been reading a lot of these posts, trying to gather info on a cycle for a show I am doing. Currently, blood is good to go, 34, 5'8", 210 (this am), 10% BF...very expeirenced training (10 + yrs). Competed a lot in the past with the old prohormones but have yet to use SD, PP, PRO. Lifetime natural, won a few and have not competed in 2 years. Looking to go to Team Univ. in August but need to qualify first.

    I read one thing here and next post is something different?!? Everyone seems to be an offense.

    Anyone have experience using these while getting ready for a show?? Someone experienced??

  2. There was a person about 6 months ago that was getting ready for a show using SD and other products....forgot his name...think it was KRZNA or something like that. To be honest the best answers you will get are the ones you find in your searching! Based on your weight you can use 10-20mgs of SD....if you really feel you could improve upon your gains, then go up to a dose of 30mgs max....but I feel MANY do not need this high a dose. Prostanozol actually is unmethylated stanozol so it's affects are similar. The dosing for this is 75-100mgs a day but many are finding that double dosing or more of this substance is very productive. With PheraPlex the dosing is also 10-30mgs but it has a more androgenic profile so keep that in mind. PheraPlex will be your "bulker" and SD your LEAN BULKER, the Prostanozol is used to harden you up. If you have any access to M5AA or MDHT it acts similar to masteron..... if you don't mind, I would like to compete in June and wanted to ask for advice, could you email me if it isn't too much trouble.... [email protected]

  3. Thanks Atlas!
    I have done a TON of research! I know what all the different compounds are but have yet to read anyone actually using them precontest. Either bulking or cutting...

    I guess I am just getting bogged down from reading so many damn posts and different stacks.

    Would be happy to help you out. Will e mail you when I get on my personal pc. At work now..

  4. Many times people forget TOO much info can be bad too! So much BS put out in forums! Basically you will probably have to be the one to use these and TELL US! Just remember though what these products supposed to work similar to and make your cycle using that info. You have to remember though that even though Prostanozol is for cutting and PheraPlex is more geared for bulking you can also do the opposite depending on your diet. Best example is DBOL, one of the best bulkers, but in reality you can use it to cut as long as your diet follows suit. Just use Letro to control the bloat!

  5. Quote Originally Posted by bigBOZ
    I have been reading a lot of these posts, trying to gather info on a cycle for a show I am doing. Currently, blood is good to go, 34, 5'8", 210 (this am), 10% BF...very expeirenced training (10 + yrs). Competed a lot in the past with the old prohormones but have yet to use SD, PP, PRO. Lifetime natural, won a few and have not competed in 2 years. Looking to go to Team Univ. in August but need to qualify first.

    I read one thing here and next post is something different?!? Everyone seems to be an offense.

    Anyone have experience using these while getting ready for a show?? Someone experienced??
    Ironically, my first post on this board was with a similar question, and I didnt get much usefull help. I used sdrol precontest this summer, 6 weeks out, ending with 40mgs, along with prostan at 150mgs. Sdrol makes me hypoglycemic as hell, so when my carbs got below the 150 mark, it was torture, but it was fantastic for LBM retention as well as strength while calories were down. I will not use it again thou, because of the hypo. I will try halodrol or pp next time.

  6. That is funny VTAPER! But does not surprise me....

    I have seen so many damn posts but no one uses these for competition???

    So many posts on what is best but bring up competing and everyone is MUM!!!

    Thanks for the feedback though..I plan to start with PP, even though it BLOATS, whatever, diet is good so not so concerned, bring in SD and finish with PROZ...higher dose on that seems to be the norm to harden up, yes???
    ....and of course antiestrogen, red rice yeast, super epa, hawthorn, liver detox...yada yada

  7. Well if you are concerned with bloat dose Letro every other day or every third day....or Rebound XT.

  8. I gotta say I am surprised - I guess it depends on the BF% your at and when you are going to compete. I have competed for the last 3 years, and 10% BF will not cut it - when I was at 8% I was winning 3rd place. To win you need to get big, cut and be shooting for 5% BF or better. To truly cut, I am going to need to do cardio & eat fish and a low fat high protein diet. So can you really get the benefit of PP or SD in the last few months before a contest? I was planning to use amino acid combinations to keep the muscle while cutting the fat. If this stuff will help - good - not sure how "natural" it is - but would like to hear more.

  9. Surprised at what??

    I am well aware that 10% will not cut it. That is where I was at when I started my prep. Now, 8 weeks out. My picture is my avatar from my last show!

    So, been using PP and now SD. Will bring in Proz soon along with a PCT. I too use amino acid combos for retaining muscle, glutamine, bcaa's and an amino blend from John Scott Nitro. All is gong well and will post my results when it is all done. Dont have the time to do everyday, gotta go do some more cardio!

  10. Just suprised at using SD/PP in contest prep - I thought of it only as a bulking tool - needing losts of carbs in the diet, etc.
    So you have peaked my interest. Can you still compete as a natural when taking SD? Will you be in PCT by the contest?
    Good luck to you - I am still 6 months out from my next show - 4 more week of mass building then 20 weeks to cut. At 13.8% now. Never been below 8%, trying to keep the muscle by cutting slow. Take Care

  11. Seeing that it is an NPC Natural show, there will be guys using stronger stuff than these products. In fact, I know a few at my gym alone! So, need that edge and to answer your question, no, not natural but such is bodybuilding! I have beaten guys on juice before and more than likely, this will be my last natural show...

    I am still eating about 3,000 calories and losing bodyfat. Right now I am in the phase of uping the SD to 20 mg and PP to 10. Will be using a PCT up to about 10 days out then all supps stop. Kinda against the norm for these products, yes, but again, such is bodybuilding competition.

  12. pleas let me know i am wondering which would be better for retaining lbm when cutting, because my wife wants me to compete, but is on the au'natural way, saying that bb'ers who use "illegal" injectables, and other steroids are cheaters, yet 6months ago she was on the pill cheating nature. anywho keep me posted.

  13. The way to retain LBM is DIET! Plain and simple...I currently eat 3000 cal. at 45% Pro, 35% Carbs, 20% fats. Works for me..Currently 206 this am so on track for the light heavies. There is no doubt that natural bb is one of the hardest things to do correctly and be good at. The goal is to NOT look natural but everything has to be perfect, diet,training, cardio, rest. Get up do it again...the term natural bb gets thrown around too loosely. Some think taking a multi-vit is not natural. I on the other hand think anything sold in a store can be used for natural shows. jmo
    Glutamine, BCAA, CEE are ways to prevent loss of muscle as well..just do not make the mistake of cutting calories too low.

  14. Believe you me i know about dieting, but at the same time competing with people who you know is using tren, primo, and t3, along with gh it gets hard esp. when your wife talks about how big she likes you when you are 250 on Phera, but the definition is not there you know, I want to be freaky ripped, but not for the sacrifice of size, so thats what i am wondering what anabolics can help retain the muscle, i do have, and can accelerate the fat loss. And being an endomorph does not help either... Thanks though...

  15. well, I am going to see what happens when I get to the stage of 30mg SD and about 100-200mg of Proz, which is like a weak winny so should be interesting! I know that this show will have its fair share of non natural athletes but as long as I do my work, that is all I can worry about. Will post in the future my prep and results...just too tired to deal with it now! With that said, off to the treadmill.

  16. I want to apologize if I offended anyone on here for not competiting or posting replies to my was not my intention to offend anyone at all and I am sorry if I came across like an ASS!

  17. Good Luck with your show.

  18. How are you coming along for the show? I am about 20 weeks out and need to start the cardio going. Went to PCT a week ago and trying to hold onto the gains I made. 12/19/05 I was 195lbs at 15.5%, now at 206 lbs 12.8% and have a lot of strength gains. Training 4 days a week on a rotational workout to improve chest & quads the most. Must get to 5% BF, have never gone below 8%, so are there some tricks you can recommend for keeping the lean muscle. I am taking celinum nitrate,CLA, & Glutimine along with NO2 in the morning with cardio before breakfast. Then mass aminos with each meal. Argninine&Lisine prior to workout & at bed time with ZMA. Should I start taking BCAA with workout and at night. I have several 3rd places from shows and need to get ripped with mass - 5'11" medium boned, and 173lbs at 8% for last show. Since april of last year (on 2 cycles) I have gained about 20lbs of lean mass - and don't want to loose it. Any advice would be appreciated
  19. Re: Contest Prep in full swing....

    I would start off by dropping the CLA from the am pre-cardio and take some aminos far as tricks to hold onto lean mass, well, here is my regime and is working wonders! Have only lost a total of about 12 lbs but composistion is changing quite a bit!! Waist going down (30 inches currently), strength still up and FULL. This will be by far the biggest and best I have looked for any of the 11 previous shows I have done. Didnt want to start this post yet but since you asked TEST, here ya go.... Will post pics and such soon. Have progression pics done but need to load them up...if mods feel this should be moved to contest prep section, that is fine....

    Wake: 6am
    1 scoop John Scott Nitro Whey Rasberry

    John Scott Nitro Aminos(6)
    Nitro Burn (Thermos) (3) ((Switching to Venom soon))
    Acetyl L-Carnitine (1 g)

    6:45 am
    ALRI N Gorge(4)
    ALRI Primed (1-1 1/2 scoops)

    TRAIN: WEIGHTS: 7am-7:45-8:00am
    Scivation Xtend (3 scoops)
    ALRI Cr2 (3)

    CARDIO: 30-45 minutes depending on time...

    8:30-8:45 am
    2.5 Scoops Nitro Whey
    1 Scoop ON Glycoload
    2 ON Anti-Oxidants

    1 Hr after post workout shake....
    6 oz Chicken
    8 oz Baked Potato
    ((Maxium Glycogen storage!!))

    2-2.5 hrs later
    Eggs (4 whole-3 white)
    Oats (1/2 c.)

    2-2.5 hrs later
    Flank Steak (8 oz)
    Sweet Potato (7 oz..cooked!)
    Salad with Cucumber, onion, tomato
    1 Tbsp. Dressing (Udo oil, Apple Cider Vinegar and Mrs Dash)

    2-2.5 hrs later
    Chicken or lean turkey (6 oz)
    Brown Rice (1/2 c.)

    2-2.5 hrs later
    Pro Blend (2 scoops)
    Udo Greens and Wholesome Fast Food (1 tbsp)
    Udo Oil or Natural PB (1 tbsp)
    .....starting a rotation of lower, mid and high carb days to keep thyroid going and as my body adapts to the calories. Fats and carbs will be adjusted and Protein staying at about 1.5 g per lb bodyweight. Above is about 2900-3000.
    P 45%
    C 35%
    F 20%

    John Scott Nitro GH (Switching to MHP Secretagoge-one)

    Now Special Two Multi (2 day)
    Now Multi Mineral (2 day)
    ...both with solid meals!
    Now Hawthorn (3)
    Now Red Yeast Rice (2)
    CoQ 10 (3)
    Glutamine (5 g. 1 hr after meals + Bed 20-25 g day)
    Lipid FX (4)
    Potassium (3)
    Now Calcium (2 g)

    Superdrol ((Currently)), Prostanz((next week))...up until 10 days out!!

    PCT(will overlap for four weeks up to 10 days out))
    Lean Extreme
    Milk Thistle

    SOMETIMES: Nitro Burn mid day (3)

    As of today, 2-3-06, six weeks out (March 18th) with bodyfat at around 7-8% guessing. Will get done on Monday. Intercostals and obliques are in...lower back and some mid fat still there.
    5'8" and weighed 206 this am.

    4 day split- 3 on- 1 off

    CARDIO: Keeping this mixed up. Some days doing 30-45 minutes post weights. Some days, wake 30 minutes and 30 minutes later at night. Some days 1 hr straight (30 min Elip. 30 min tread). Bleachers start tomorrow! Sometimes sprints on Eliptical but the day before and after legs, try not to do sooo much. They flatten out quite a bit for me at least! All in all about 6 hrs a week.

    Now supersetting bodyparts...example: Today: Chest, then a bicep exercise. At this point not trying to add more size just refine what I got! Trust me, intensity is still there as I almost puked during legs yesterday!!

    I feel that this has worked very well for me and will let the pics do the talking. I am blessed, however, as I can take a good amount of carbs and still lean out. If I drop carbs too low for too long, my muscle goes a bye-bye! Hope this helps out TEST or anyone else. My goal for this show is to re-qualify for Team Universe again. Was a little middle weight in my avatar and now will be light heavy. Much better for my height but still need to get up to Heavies. Keep in mind, I am 35, been training for 13 years, naturally! The only thing I have done non-natural is pro-hormones over the years and of course the Anabolic X products now. So, natural or not on these products, I have still only used what is legally sold in stores. 3 guys at my gym alone on juice doing this show and I still look better than them. Just my choice for now...But that may change as I might be going to the dark side. If so, no TU and off to Nationals or USA's. Thanks Kids, enjoy.

  20. Awsome! Best of luck to you.

  21. Thanks and good luck to you as well...hope this helps you out.


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