sex while on cycle

  1. sex while on cycle

    Hello everyone, sorry this is my first post here, although i have been browsing the site for quite sometime now..... i just had a question and may get flamed for it but.... does sex hurt gains while on cycle (weaker, etc.. hurt test levels, any neg hormone responses).. Just a general question and thanks in advance for the responses


  2. No, have some fun, sex is good.


  3. try NOT to have sex on a healthy dose of Test... pretty difficult. lol

  4. You will have to be more specific for me to address the question precisely but...
    Yes, sex can be very detrimental. Just yesterday evening I was nailin the ol' lady for a few hours and had no energy left to eat enough before bed.

    I don't know if by "sex" you are implying that you do it with a partner or not. I dropped a little throat yogurt on the shower floor one mornin and slipped on it, twisting my ankle. Could not do legs that week.

    So, you have to listen to your body, do some research and ease into it carefully. Take some time to weigh the cost vs. benefits before jumping in full swing. IMHO
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  10. Quote Originally Posted by boostnmuscle
    Achilles bro whos back is that?
    Dexter Jackson --

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  11. The whole point of getting jacked for most people is to get more ass.. Have all the sex you can handle.


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