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  1. I wanted to ask, can one get away with running 20mg a day of (Nolva only), post cycle for 25 days? (I would be running a 4wk cycle of 1-test and 4ad). This way one vial would be good for two post cycle recoverys. In the clomid/ nolva article, it mentions nolva to be run at 20-40mg a day.......just trying to get the most bang for my buck.........or I could always go with the clomid.

  2. I would run the nolva at 40mg/day for the 1st week or two, then taper off to 20mg/day.

  3. It should be mentioned that while nolva may be the better choice by itself post cycle, clomid may be the better choice if combined with letrozole. Reports are that letrozole may decrease the effectiveness of nova by as much as 30%. Thus clomid + letrozole will probably be superior to nova by itself and may even be more effective than nova + letrozole.

  4. i've heard people stack nolva with 6-oxo and its a strong recovery, but what about clomid and 6-oxo? would that be okay to put together during a recovery?

  5. Originally posted by 2gcorey
    i've heard people stack nolva with 6-oxo and its a strong recovery, but what about clomid and 6-oxo? would that be okay to put together during a recovery?

    bumping for a response.

  6. I would say yes to the clomid/6-oxo for post. Nolva and clomid both work the same way - they block estrogen receptor sites. 6-oxo is an Aromatase inhibitor. (it stops testosterone from being converted into estrogen).

    I stacked Nolva with 6-OXO after 4 week T1 cycle and had an awesome recovery. The second week of recovery was rough, but after that, kept making gains as if I was on cycle! It was amazing. (gains in strength, not so much in muscle mass...) I was on 20mgNolva/day for 4 weeks and 6 6-OXO/day for the first week, and then 3 6-OXO a day until it ran out.

    I am planning on one more T1 cycle I will do the same post-cycle medication. You might want to consider 40/mg Nolva for the first week or so, or even substituting the 6-OXO with Arima-dex.

    Also - another vital tip for a good post cycle recovery is to UP THOSE CALORIES when you see the weight starting to drop...just up the clean carbs and back off the protien a little because you wont be able to use as much without the androgen in your system. (I used a 40-40-20 (p-c-f)ratio while on cycle and 30-45-25 while in recovery - the extra fats came from flax oil/seed and the extra carbs from brown rice and oatmeal.)

    Hope that helped...


  7. I use Nolva, despite the price. I have never tried Clomid, but many people experience acne from it. I have problems with acne on-cycle, so I use Nolva. I used Nolve the 1st time, & got no acne, so I've stuck with it. It's only 10 bucks more anyway.


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