Superdrol + Ephedra product

  1. Cool Superdrol + Ephedra product

    What are the thoughts on taking a supplement such as Superdrol and using an ephedra supplement along with it? I love my ephedra products, however, I am not sure if there are any negatives about combining the two.

    I tried to search for similar topics however I came up with nothing. Perhaps the Doc could help me out?


  2. your blood pressure might become an issue combining the two

  3. word. I was using EC in the summer alongside Ergo and Max, and my BP was rediculously high, even taking Hawthorn throughout. I did acheive my best physical condition ever, granted, but be very careful if you are thinking of this.
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    I've done SD 10mg week one, 20mg week two, 30mg week three and now back to 20mg along with 50mg Prostanozol in week four. My BP has consistently stayed about 5-7 mm/Hg above normal systolic and just 2-4 mm/Hg higher diastolic. Last week my BP was 125/82 while on 30mg SD. My normal is 118/78. Not to say it doesn't affect BP, but it seems minimal to me. 34 Years old, 6'1", 206 lbs.(and growing), 14% BF. Fairly fit, cardiovascularly speaking. For what it's worth, I'd keep an eye on BOTH BP AND HR if you decide to take ephedrine and SD.

  5. I had no issues taking both. I did when taking ERGO and ephedra- BP- (ALTHOUGH- from what Ive herd I didnt expirence anything that others didnt expirence that were not taking ephedra)

    But on SD- there were no advirse reactions. My BP "seemed" normal.



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