Pre-cycle Rebound XT

  1. Pre-cycle Rebound XT

    As long as I'm ending my long-reign of lurking, I figured I'd ask a question that I've been wondering about for a while. Is it unwise to go straight from an AI cycle (Rebound XT) to a PH cycle? Note that I have never done a cycle before; this would be my first. Are they safe to run simultaneously? At what dosage RXT? Should I taper off the RXT and then start the cycle? Do I not need to worry about tapering since I'll be going on a cycle? Nothing is set in stone, I'd rather do it safe and smart than quickly. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Additionally, I should be starting a log soon if I do decide to do a cycle. Thanks a bunch!


  2. Read up, Bro...there are loads of threads to gain the knowledge that you need.

    The trick is to understand what the hormones are doing to your body. You need to understand the HPTA and how your body will be affected and how it will recover.

    Some of it is conjecture, unfortunately, since not too many controlled studies have been done.

    Don't forget about other sources of knowledge on the 'net, too. This is NOT the only source of good data.

    Personally, I would let the body get back to equilibrium after doing a test boosting stack, like ATD, etc. Your levels will drop like a rock on AAS, and you will use AI's and SERMS to recover. Then you take time off to let the balance settle back in again.


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