I just popped my first Ergomax...

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  1. Thanks. I held off on the Cissus as I've modified my training a bit - and the three day rest has helped. I'm training chest and tris tonight so I'll post back on how things go. I've gained 8 or 9 pounds but I haven't been going crazy with calories. I don't want too much fat gain. I'm on my 17th day.

    Something keeps telling me to switch from Ergomax LMG to my PP or SD right now.. I'm still doing the two doses of Ergomax per day as well as 6cc's of FiniGenx, three times daily...

  2. Maybe I'm just a big puss but I think I'm being smart.. I'm getting very strong but I'm not maxing out. Maybe that's the whole point of doing AAS - get stronger to lift more weight to get bigger - but I feel like I'll get hurt.

    Just to report on sides, like I mentioned earlier, I was having some prostate issues but that's under control. My skin is VERY oily and I'm a sweat-machine - so I'm getting acne.. My "crown" area on my scalp looked a little thin before, but I'm probably just being paranoid. I didn't have any gel in my hair so I think that was it.. I'm not finding any hair in the shower or anywhere - but my hair is very short so I guess it would just go down the drain. I'm not worried, I think if it IS falling out, it'll grow back afterwards. I use Minoxidil with Azelaic (spelling?) Acid and topical Spironolactone 5% lotion...

    I feel good. Sometimes I'm a little tired during the day. Lucky me, I get to nap. I think my stomach is getting bigger.. Bloated.. Another reason I can't eat too much - I gain weight very easily..

  3. Just a quick update. I've gained 10 pounds so far (tonight makes my third week). Keep in mind that I'm not lifting nearly as heavy as I can (I can't) and I'm not eating very much (don't want to gain too much fat). I'm doing this cycle as an experiment to see how well these compounds work for me and they're working very well...

  4. Today is my 35th day. I'm up 12lbs as of this morning. For the past few days, I've been taking 10mg of Ergomax in the morning, 10mg of Superdrol at night and 6ml of Finigenx 3x daily. I'll probably stop the Ergomax altogether and replace the morning dose with Superdrol in a day or two. My strength has gone up a lot on this cycle. I'm getting 6 reps with weight I couldn't budge beforehand. I'm being very careful because of various injuries - otherwise I'd likely have gained much more weight and strength by now..

  5. Holy crap! I think I have to be finished with SD. A couple of nights ago, I woke up with an incredibly bad cramp in my right arm. I couldn't straighten it at all - I had done heavy biceps and light back that night. I figured it was just because my workout was very intense..

    Today so far, I had a terrible cramp in my jaw when biting my breakfast sandwich, a terrible cramp in my neck while yawning, and now I just got a cramp in my stomach bad enough where I thought I was going to die. All I did was my normal abdominal flex to "sit up" in my chair and answer the phone..

    What the heck is going on? This morning was the first morning I took 10mg of SD in the AM instead of Ergomax. There's no way I can continue on like this. It's very damn scary...

  6. Anybody ever hear of this happening or what?

  7. I get bad cramps while on cycle as well. I take potassium and taurine and they seem to help. Extreme stretching after training seems to help me even more than the supps. They also seem to help with gains and recovery, but I don't think this is applicable to your jaw unless anyone out there knows of some wierd facial stretching exercise.

    On another note...

    One of my lats shot out and hit somebody in the back of the head.
    I'm trying to picture this... I have never experienced this particular side effect, lol.

  8. Are these cramps sought of the same thing as the "back pumps" I read about? I do have Taurine and I'll start taking it right now if it'll allow me to stay on the SD for my 2 or 3 weeks.. I just wasn't sure if what I was feeling was the same thing. Any more input would be greatly appreciated..

    And yes, the "lat shoot" is a wierd side effect.

  9. Drink lots of water on SD.

  10. Ive not tried SD yet but when I was on m1T I had a cramp in my jaw that was so bad it almost brought me to tears...ha ha ha. But of course I didn't stop and fortunately it was the only one I had. Ive heard the two are close.

    When u first started on Ergo when did you feel it kick in? Like I said I have used M1t several times in the past and it always kicked in about 5-6 days in. This is day three on Ergo(20) and swear I already feel the ****. I don't think it placebo because to be honest I am skeptical that it will do much...but my attitude is defiantly changing after reading your results.

  11. It's hard to say when the Ergomax started working for me since I was taking FiniGenx simultaneously.. Sorry.. On another note, I'm up 14lbs as of this morning..

    On OTHER notes.. The Saw Palmetto and Beta Sitosterol cleared-up my prostate issues.. The Taurine seems to be working for the cramps.. I'm going to get some more Potassium today and more water than normal...

  12. Oh and I should also mention that I'm not training legs at all (don't want them bigger) and I can't go too crazy on presses (no military press, no arnold presses, no barbell bench presses) either.. So this is pretty impressive weight-gain to me...

  13. YEah, I noticed a great placebo effect the first time I took ERGO. MAde me feel invinsable in the gym, face was oily, and every time I turned around, my "Rod" knocked over a weight stack

    In other words, I felt it 40 min after first doese. Dont know anabolicly though, as I was also taking SD.

    I got the mouth "crapms" as well, but I think it came from ALWAYS freakin eating!. My mouth would get kinda tired after chewing the second bite.
    I really just think that maybe if your taking creatine, lightin it up some and increase you water intake. (probably wouldnt hurt to throw an extra 25lbs on every lift in the gym just to see if you can do it. You wouldnt beleive how much you can hold yourself back without knowing it!

  14. Quote Originally Posted by Zero Tolerance
    Oh and I should also mention that I'm not training legs at all (don't want them bigger) and I can't go too crazy on presses (no military press, no arnold presses, no barbell bench presses) either.. So this is pretty impressive weight-gain to me...
    thats kinda... wrong

    dont want your legs bigger?

  15. It feels like I can just lift whatever I want to lift and that's the end of it. I really feel that strong. This cycle made a huge difference for me in strength..

    Regarding my legs, they're oversized as it is.. I'll work on my legs once my upper body catches up...

  16. I decided to take my SD an hour before training. I don't know if it made much of a difference taking it right before (I normally end-up taking it afterwards) but my strength was even better tonight. I'm not getting the crazy, crazy pumps I hear about... The pumps are "good"... Strength is just nuts though..

  17. Great log dawg. Finigenx is the shiznit right?

  18. well since we are talking about ergo what time should i take it? the half life is like 8hrs or something? Sorry if its off the topic its just a quick question.

  19. Quote Originally Posted by diplomats
    Great log dawg. Finigenx is the shiznit right?
    Thank you. It's hard to say exactly how I feel about FiniGenx since I'm also using another product simultaneously, but I think it worked well.. I made great gains using Ergomax LMG and the original FiniGenx but since I started using the "new" FiniGenx, I haven't gained anything.. That could be because I've exhausted the capability of this cycle, however..

  20. Quote Originally Posted by bicepPump
    well since we are talking about ergo what time should i take it? the half life is like 8hrs or something? Sorry if its off the topic its just a quick question.
    I took it once in the morning and once in the evening. That's all I needed..

  21. ...since I haven't gained any more weight during the last 7 days (I'm at 14lbs gained altogether), I'm considering shutting this cycle down now.

    Critique this cycle? Ergomax/Finigenx/SD

  22. Just some final notes...

    Total Cholesterol: 209
    Triglycerides: 247
    HDL: 48.8
    LDL: 111
    Hemo ALC (?): 5.8
    Glucose: 97

    (AFTER CYCLE/post cycle therapy)
    Lipid Panel:
    Triglycerides 183
    Cholesterol, Total 258
    HDL 42
    LDL 179
    Chol/HDLC Ratio 6.1

    Comprehensive Metabolic Panel:
    Glucose 99
    Urea Nitrogen (BUN) 24
    Creatinine 1.3
    BUN/Creatinine Ratio 18
    Sodium 141
    Potassium 4.4
    Chloride 103
    Carbon Dioxide 25
    Calcium 9.9
    Protein, Total 7.8
    Albumin 4.6
    Globulin 3.2
    Albumin/Globulin Ratio 1.4
    Bilirubin, Total 0.6
    Alkaline Phosphatase 46
    AST 26
    ALT 38

    IGF-I 91

    CBC (includes diff/plt)
    White blood cell count 8.4
    Red blood cell count 6.09
    Hemoglobin 18.2
    Hematocrit 53.8
    MCV 88.3
    MCH 29.9
    MCHC 33.8
    RDW 15.2
    Platelet count 272
    Absolute neutrophils 4973
    Absolute lymphocytes 2587
    Absolute monocytes 638
    Absolute eosinophils 160
    Absolute basophils 42
    Neutrophils 59.2
    Lymphocytes 30.8
    Monocytes 7.6
    Eosinophils 1.9
    Basophils 0.5

    TSH 2.22

    Estradiol 35

    PSA, Total 1.0

    Testosterone, Total 348
    Testosterone, Free 2.78%
    Free Testosterone 96.8

  23. NICE POST!!!!!!!!!
    I have never seen blood work done on Ergo before!

  24. Thanks. Well, there it is.. It was mostly the original Ergomax LMG and FiniGenx (also the original) and a couple of weeks of SD at the end..


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