Liver Supplement Question

  1. Liver Supplement Question

    I have spent hours searching and reading different logs posted here. The information has been very helpful as I am getting ready to start a cycle of pheraflex and superdrol.

    The one thing that isn't clear to me is when and how should I take my liver support with pp and sd? I have read conflicting information stating that you can take it at the same time and others stating the liver support should be taken a half hour to an hour before you take pp/sd. Can someone set me straight on this? I want to do it the safest way. I have Pro Liver and was planning on taking 2 pills of Pro Liver each time I dosed PP.
    Thanks in advance!

  2. I don't think it really matters, but I would take it separately.

  3. Personally ive decided to stay away from all orals to protect my liver. I think Milk thistle should be taken year round at 1g a day.

    Also, if you havent, get your liver values checked before you start your cycle just to be sure that you dont already have some existing problems with it. If everything looks good, id still stay on year round just to be safe. It may hinder gains a bit, but IMO its better to be safe then sorry. You can get the powder form of milk thistle...125grams for like $12 I think is what I paid...

  4. Preload double dosage 2 weeks prior to starting the cycle, and use during cycle and PCT. Some say use the milk thistle 30 minutes after taking the hormone but AFAIK it doesn't change a thing. These hormones are METHYLATED which means they RESIST first-pass metabolism in the liver. And it is that very resistance that makes them hepatotoxic. So there is no real evidence that liver protectants reduce the results. Even though they would, you still need to protect your liver. Anyone who says otherwise takes foolish risks with YOUR health.

  5. Thanks for the replies. I have preloaded for two weeks, not only pro liver, but also COQ10, RYR, and Flax Oil. I guess I will just take the pro liver at the same time I take the hormone.

  6. I run my Milk Thistle Before, On, & Off.


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