Poll: Which is easier on the ol' hairline?

Which is EASIER on the Hairline-Pheraplex or Superdrol?

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  1. Pheraplex

  2. with transplanted hair, there is a "donor dominance" and that new shaft seems to be immune to mpb.

  3. Someone correct me if I am wrong, but the 5AR enzyme does not interact with the superdrol molecule, correct? If that is the case, than finasteride is not going to offer any benefit whatsoever against any hairloss caused by superdrol.

  4. That is correct

  5. Quote Originally Posted by neverstop View Post
    if you were worried about this i dont see why you couldn't just take some finasteride while on superdrol, albeit accepting slightly less gains, but you would keep your hair for sure
    Does finasteride decrease your gains while on a cycle, whether it's PP or SD? I've never heard this...do you have studies you could provide? Thanks.


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