test e & deca/eq

  1. test e & deca/eq

    I will be starting my real cycle of aas in the New Year, I already have the test e but am now thinking of combining this with either deca or equipoise. I am aware that it is more prudent to start off with just one compound seeing it is my first time but I have been reading that you will get better quality gains from combining the two as well as a better shape.

    What do you guys think?

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    i like EQ. I am doing this now. Jumpstarted the first 2 weeks with SD and things have been great... I have a log in the other section.

  3. is this your first cycle tho?

  4. If you've got a few Ph cycles under your belt go for the Test/EQ. If not do just Test.

  5. I'm kind of on the fence about that. Test only cycles are a good way to guage how you react.. what dosage is good for you.. what sides you are susceptible to.. etc.

    stacking can gum up the works.. but EQ is relatively mild, and a nice addition to Test, so.. like I said.. I'm on the fence.

    Just run Test at first. bah!

  6. tattoopierced1
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    Quote Originally Posted by BOVEY
    is this your first cycle tho?
    besides SD yes.


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