6-oxo vs. Liquid Clomid

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  1. i am currently running a SO+ cycle with 150mg formasin and am very pleased with the results...it is doing a great job of keeping the bloat down as compared to my last cycle without...off the subject a little bit, this time around I decided to add DMSO to the SO+, start out with 10%(24ml) had no problems, upped it to 12%, still had no problems, and ended up at 14%(34 ml)....

  2. Originally posted by BigVrunga
    Jay - dont forget that the Formasin also has a slight conversion to an anabolic hormone... (I beleive its a DHT derivative - I didnt look it up though)

    In the ad it states it would be good to use as a 'bridge' while comming off cycle, but most places Ive read say that you dont want any external androgenic hormones comming into your system while trying to recover.

    This is why most people agree 6-oxo(which dosent covert to anything androgenic at all) is better for post, Formasin better while on.

    Your first idea about stack the aromatase inhibitor with the receptor blocker is correct (I believe) - that would suppress more estrogen then one or the other by itself.

    Ahhhh, gotcha, thanks man!




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