Test cyp/Deca/slin/OT1 with Anadrol kick off

  1. Smile Test cyp/Deca/slin/OT1 with Anadrol kick off

    What you guys think of my upcoming cycle plan?

    Im planning on running cyipotest (by Animal power) at 2.5ml's per week (625mgs) w/ Deca (QV) at 2ml's (400mgs) and front load oxivet (oxymethelone) and phase it out after 12 days. IE: days 1-4=3 tabs.(225mgs)

    Days 5-8=2tabs (150mgs)
    Days 9-10=1 1/2 tabs (112.5mgs)
    and days 11-12=1tab (75mgs)
    then discontinue the drol.
    weeks 1-3= slin pyramided up to 10iu twice a day on w/o days once in morning on non w/out days.
    and Oratropin 1 at 40mcgs a day from whenever my order shows up to whenever I run out.
    Or do you think thats to much anadrol? (cuz I was going to start at 300mgs, 225, 150, and 75 for 3 days each, but then it adjourned that unless the stuff was a little under dosed, that still might be to much anadrol.)
    The test and Deca will run a total of 15-16wks.
    Im coming off a long cutting phase (almost 6 months.) so Im hoping my body will react well to the sudden change in carb and calorie intake and blood androgen levels.

    NOTE: I call that drol technique front loading even though a lot of people use that term to describe the technique in wich you use double doses of long acting esters the first week. (wich frankly never made sense to me since the double dose isnt going to make them kick in any faster.) With my version, the idea was to get blood androgen levels high from day one with the fast acting oral, and phase the oral out once the long esters have time to reach full capacity.

    Oh, and I still have some P-GH that I'll be running at 1/2 ml per day 5 days a week. (I really want to start my mass phase with a bang.)

    Any thoughts?

  2. that's a TON of drol .. personally i'd run it at 100mg for the first 6 weeks

    Quote Originally Posted by UnicronSpawn
    NOTE: I call that drol technique front loading even though a lot of people use that term to describe the technique in wich you use double doses of long acting esters the first week. (wich frankly never made sense to me since the double dose isnt going to make them kick in any faster.)
    Any thoughts?
    you're wrong about front loading not having it kick in faster .. levels build up much quicker by front loading and you will reach your target levels faster .. making it "kick in" faster .. this has been covered a lot and a search should lead a more detailed answer

  3. Smile

    The drol tabs I have are 75mgs each, they are easy to break in half however wich would make 112.5 doses feasable, but 100 would be a bit tricky. I'll give that 6wk idea some thought. Maybe 112.5 for 6wks or something, I still 3 1/2 more days to decide.

    As far as the long ester front loading goes, the only feedback available is anecdotal, and since you sound like youve probably tried it, I'll just have to take you at your word. Since nobody is likely to fund a study on an in the trenches type of AAS use technique. I can understand why results would come a bit faster (ie:by the middle of week 2 for example instead of not noticing much till end of week 3 or whatever.) I dont want to turn the thread into a front loading discussion, but..... Do the esters actually break off faster with that method, u think? (hypothetically, because Im not doing that this cycle anyway.)

    Any more opinions on my upcoming cycle, guys, feel free to chime in..... You wont hurt my feelings if you dont like my idea.

  4. i'm a little confused by your question "do the esters actually break off faster with that method?"

    the esters' half life won't change its just after 14 days and 4 injections of 250 mg (totaling 1000mg) you'll have 500mg built up .. after 14 days and 4 injections of 500mg (totaling 2000mg) you'll have 1000mg built up

    and i actually haven't used a frontloading method i prefer to kick start with prop .. actually i just prefer prop overall throughout the cycle

    if you have experience with drol in the past go with 112.5 for 6wks .. just be careful .. if you have never used drol .. use 75mg you'll get great results

    you'll be much happier running it for 6 weeks rather than 12 days .. trust me on that .. plus this way once you're off the drol the test will be fully built up
  5. Thumbs up

    okay, youve sold me on the longer lower dose of drol, and this will be my first time using drol, so Ill try 75mgs, and see how that does me. I can always bump it up to 112.5 later if I feel it will help. (Gyno isnt on my x-mas wish list.)
    Do you prefer spliting drol doses up? Or Would one 75mg tab stay active all day? Ive heard that it stays active long enough to do once a day, but it would be pretty easy for me to break them in half (the oxivet's have a line right down the center, and I think the dosing reccomendations for animals on the box sometimes involve spliting tabs, allthough my spanish isnt the greatest.) And BTW thanks for the input.

  6. IMO Frontloading does have it's place. The theory and practical experience supports this.

    I've frontloaded Enan, and then I've frontloaded Enan and kickstarted with Prop at the same time.. lol

    UnicronSpawn, what's your experience with slin? have you used it previously? I only ask because you're using oratropin concurrently.

  7. Ive used both slin and OT seperately but not concurrently, that was one of the main aspects of the cycle I was hoping for feedback on. I never seem to feel any hypo symptoms with OT1 alone, but Ive started to go hypo a few times with slin (nothing too serious) But after the initial few hypo experiences, I was able to avoid it once I got the carb timing and portions down. But since Ive never mixed them, Im not sure how different the meal timing and portions would need to be. (Ill most likely be using the faster humalog, but I do have some leftover humlin-R as well.)

  8. you can split up the drol dose but it isn't necessary .. however if its easy and you can remember to take both doses then i would suggest going for it
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  9. Smile

    I'll do that.
    Hey bro thanks for the help.
    I start on sunday, I can hardly wait.

  10. good luck with that.

    keep us all posted..
  11. Thumbs up

    Thanks you guys.
    I was reading up a little more on frontloading long esters, and Ive decided to give it a try. Ive got more than enough deca and test cyp to do it. and that should help the test and deca plasma levels to build up to target much faster. I had previously misunderstood the intent of frontloading long esters, but now that Ive learned the purpose, its sounds like a damn good idea. So my program now looks like this.

    Week 1 test cyp 1250mgs, deca 800mgs
    weeks 2-16 test cyp 625, deca 400mgs
    weeks 1-6 anadrol 75mgs/day
    weeks 1-3 and 10-12 humalog post w/o 10iu's
    weeks 2-4 OT1 40mcgs/day 5 on 2 off
    weeks 1-16 P-GH 1/2ml/night (before bed) 5 on 2 off.

    If I wasnt so busy with school Id post a whole log, but Im afraid Id miss days, and have to catch the log up by writing like 3 hours straight. That would be a drag for anyone following the log, and for me to try to keep updated through final projects/exams.

  12. double the dose the second week too.

    weeks 1-2
    1250mg Cyp, 800 Deca

    3-15 400mg Deca
    3-16 625mg Cyp
    17-18 625mg Test Prop

    that's a spicy meatball!


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