beneficial use of non estered test

  1. beneficial use of non estered test

    edit: basically what i want to know is what are the benefits and risks of taking a pro hormone that has a active life of less that 12 hours once a week. my assumption would be that it would increase protein synthesis for atleast 12 hours(better than nothing) and have almost no side effects

    hypothesis: The use of Aquaviron (has no esters) to increase only your chest (one day a week) would increase your chest strenght with very little side effects.

    basically what im thinking is lets say you have hit a plataeu on you bench. If you were to take Aquaviron on only your chest day, you would increase your chest strenght, however, should not expeirence a shutdown of your HPTA system due to the fact the steroid would be out of your system in a couple of hours. So you get the benefit (increase chest strenght) without many side effects. If so, wouldnt it be possible to continually use Aquaviron once a week without expierencing a shutdown of HPTA.

    also, here is a good site about steroids

  2. this theory makes little to no sense to me

  3. I agree

  4. Test suspension should be used everyday, it won't increase "chest strength" in one dose.. If that were the case, we'd have more threads on suspension than SD/PP..

  5. That sounds pretty hard to believe

  6. it wouldn't work for a few reasons. 1, steroids increase strength partly by increase in blood volume and RBC count. using test 1x week wouldn't be sufficient stimulus to make your body produce more RBC's. 2nd, test with no ester would be metabolized by your liver and cleared just as fast as an estered test, but the estered test has 2 advantages time wise, it must cleave the ester off enzymatically, and the ester itself slows release from the depot. so basically you would have a pointless, expensive, and possibly HPTA damagaing (unlikely however) waste of testosterone

  7. Your trying to have your cake and eat it too bro. Not going to happen. It would be nice but with all good things there are downsides and HPTA shutdown is one of them.

  8. test susp is no joke, and should be injected twice daily, and that theory is bs lol


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