Test/Decca cycle....

  1. Test/Decca cycle....

    just wondering what has worked well for you on this cycle. do you lift heavy 3-6reps ?? trying to get the best outta this cycle. trying to BULK up. and gain weight. ive herd going heavy helps gain mass. ??? well thanks..

  2. hi tek, seriously bro if you are asking this question at this time, i guess you didnt do your home work.
    no offense buddy but use the search button on the top right corner of the page or just browse the threads and read relevant info.about compounds, training, diet and pct.
    cheers bro

  3. 3-6 is mainly strength training
    6-12 is size mainly

    TUT (time under tension) is the most important thing for size. Everybody is different - make sure you know your body before starting any AAS.

    search: TUT*
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