Please help planning a potential SD cycle

  1. Please help planning a potential SD cycle

    Age: 21
    Height: 5’10
    Weight: <180lbs (about 178 in the morning without having eaten.)

    Measurements (cold, unpumped)
    Waist: 29”
    Chest: 44”
    Arms: >16”
    Thighs: >24”
    Calves: 15.5”
    Forearms: >14”

    Max Bench: 245 x 1 ( have attempted and failed with 265)
    Max Squat: 275 x 1 (have attempted and failed with 295)
    Max Deadlift: 365 x 1 (have not attempted more)

    I am freshly 21 and have been training since 18, progressively getting more and more knowledgeable. I won’t say when I started lifting “seriously” because, every time I learn/start something new, I look back and think “man, I was such a wuss back then.”

    For several months, I have been stuck just below 180lbs. My average split is 35% protein, 45% carbs, and 30% fat and I have worked with how much of everything I take in. In the past six months, I have had my caloric everywhere between 2000 and 3000 kcals per day. Daily protein intake never drops below 215g and is never more than 50% from protein shakes (I live on a college campus and the food is less than ideal, so I do what I can.)

    To go along with the diets, I have tried different things in training – higher reps, lower reps, more powerlifting, etc, and nothing has helped me break 180lbs.

    To get over this, I’m considering a 3 week cycle of Superdrol. Since I don’t have any previous PH/AAS experience and don’t know precisely how my body will react, the dosage I’m considering now would be 10/10/20 (or maybe 10/20/20?) On weeks at 10mg, I would take the 10mg approximately 1 hour before I touch the weights. On weeks at 20mg, I would take 1st 10mg 1 hour before I lift and the 2nd 10mg around 12 hours later.

    For two weeks beforehand, I would take hawthorn berry, milk thistle, red yeast rice and fish oil plus the standard vitamins. These supplements would continue through the cycle and PCT, with Rebound XT (75/50/25), coq10, and tribulus. Is three weeks enough PCT for a cycle at those dosages or would it be necessary to add a fourth or fifth week?

    Depending on how I am sleeping, I may include ZMA. In case of cramping and/or back pumps, I would keep taurine and bananas on hand. If the cramping/back pumps became persistent, I would leave the taurine and bananas in for the whole time.

    I use a 5-day split:
    Monday: legs
    Tuesday: shoulders and traps
    Wednesday: back
    Thursday: chest
    Friday: arms

    Weekends: Right now, I am road cycling on the weekends, but will have finished the cycling season before starting even the preloading for this SD cycle. I have no been road cycling for long, so I know that this is not the reason I haven’t been able to break 180lbs.

    On cycle, my cardio would consist of 30-minute sessions on a cross-trainer. Due to previous leg surgery for anterior and lateral exertional compartment syndrome, I’m going to avoid walking inclines at all costs. The cardio would most likely be after lifting sessions on Tuesdays and Thursdays and then possibly once over the weekend.

    I've been thinking about this cycle for a few weeks and wrote out all of this tonight. Have I forgotten anything?

    Thoughts, opinions, and constructive criticisms welcome.

  2. I know some guys are going to tell you to run a search. You definitely should.

    There is an excellent thread here that is quickryde's log of his sd cycle. You should check it out. It's title sd cycle starts monday or something like that.

    I also started my cycle today & I am keeping a log. If you want you can check it out & get a general idea. I've been researching for my sd cycle for a little over a month.

    Quickryde's log is better though...

    Also I would go with a 10/20/20 SD cycle. We have similar stats & I'm doing either 10/20/20 & maybe a fourth week or 20 or 10/20/20/ 30?. Honestly it all depends on how you feel & how the sides are. Remember you can always dose down if you start feeling the sides. I wouldn't recommend going over 30 or even going to 30 if you're still seeing gains on 20. For your pct I would honestly try 75/75/50/50/25 or 75/75/50/25 just to be on the safe side. I would also look into Lean Extreme if you can find any or a similar supplement with 7-OH in it to help w/ cortisol levels, etc. For sleeping, I included Anabolic Matrx RX for during cycle. I may also use it PCT as it boosts Test levels.

    Hope this helped.

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