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    Hello everyone. New to this forum. Found a lot of great information than other places.

    Quick question for you pros. I just recently got several grams of yohimbine hcl in powder form. They told me i could easily mix it w/water. So I did a 1 g to 100 ml of water ration, which comes out to 10mg per 1ml. Now, i thought this stuff would dilute readily. It so happens that when I poured the 1 gram into some room temperature water, shook it, and created a foamy film on top of the water. I let it sit in the fridge overnight thinking it would settle in. It didn't. Did I do this right? Or did I have to heat the water? Is this foam normal? I know it tastes like crap, but I dont mind if it's gonna do its job. Thanx for any advice.


  2. Is yohimbe anabolic?

    I think you might be better posting this in supps forum.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by ingo_1978
    Is yohimbe anabolic?

    I think you might be better posting this in supps forum.

    I wouldn't even bother with it in the first place, but since you have it go for it. Why did you shake it BTW?

  4. Best to mix it in alcohol like you would with clomid/nolva powder.. It stays in solution better in alcohol.. I've tried the same mix you did but with 100ml Bacardi 151.. Took 1/2ml per day 'cause anymore than that would make me sweat like I'm on meth..

  5. Shaking it makes it a suspension. Not as accurate for dosing purposes. Water would only suspend it regardless... poorly.

    Peg 400 or 151 would do the trick. I don't know the molecular weight of it, but I'd imagine this would work to make it a solution.

  6. 151 works as a solution. At first there will be some powder left in the liquid, but after i left it over night, in the morning all was dissolved into the ass-tasting alcohol

  7. snort it

  8. I like to take it sublingual myself... little powder under the tongue, and Im good to go in 5 to 10 mins tops.



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