PH's precipitating out of T1 solution?

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  1. PH's precipitating out of T1 solution?

    I notice some small granules of what I assume is 4AD precipitating out of my T1. Is this normal? I know the concentration is pushed right to the limit. Ive tried heating the bottle up in a warm water bath and shaking the crap out of it, but they wont seem to dissolve...can't be more than a few mg's, though.


  2. It should go into solution with heat and shaking. Le4ave it in hot water for 20 mins shake then repeat. It always works for me.. Talk to ya..
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  3. Thanks for the tip curt2go...

  4. UM,... What would happen if you got some water in you T-1?

  5. I put it in a ziploc baggie and run hot tap water over it. That seemed to do the trick...the bottle was never fully immersed in water.

  6. I take the pump top off of the bottle and place the bottle in a small pan of boiling water. Just enough water so the bottle is about half under water. I let it boil untill I see the 1-t pro solution starting to boil. Then I hurry up and put the top back on and shake the hell out of it.
    I have had two bottles and did not do this with the first bottle and I had a lot of granules with every application. With the second bottle that I boiled I have not had one granule.

  7. There are hundreds of ways to skin this cat...

    My preference is to use a hand mixer for a per bottle quick fix. It costs $10 at Wal-mart and can be re-used for your future brews (because this site is suppose to teach you how to do it yourself, right?). I find that the hand mixer replicates the high speed process mixer I use to make large batches.

    Heat is probably the easiest method and definitely the lowest cost. My only concerns here are that if the lid is left off there may be i-prop concentration lowering and if the lid is on there may be a pressure increase inside the bottle.

    As the summer months approach the tendency of precipitation during shipment should decrease.


  8. Hey chemo is there a chance 1test or 4AD will degenerate at 100degreesC? I was going to try bringing the water to a boil but I was afraid the heat might damage the product...

  9. Chemo, I heated the last bottle that I just got in boiling for about 2 minutes. The pump top was on but all the way unscrewed. It actually started to boil over, I cought it just in time.
    But I have noticed that this bottle burns on my application sites just as bad as the first bottle that I used, which I did not boil.
    I thought I would mention this and maybe it would help to figure out if boiling does harm to the solution.

  10. The only thing I would worry about is that, if you heat the solution too much, you might boil off some IPA and/or DMSO. With less solvent, more PH's might precipitate out when the solution cools down.

    If it still burns, that must mean the 1test is still in there...


  11. actually it might be that you have a slight allergy to DMSO.. that has been reported with higher percentage of DMSO

  12. Hmmm...that could be. With my first application of T1, my skin burned like a mother. But now, 4 days into it, it hardly burns at all.


  13. Some of my application spots burn some don't. Really what I mean by burn in just a heated feeling on the skin. It's not uncomfortable, kinda like when you use bengay.

  14. should i shake the bottle before each application?

  15. definately

  16. Even after heating and shaking I still get 1 or 2 renagade granules.

  17. chemo recommends buying the $10.00 mixer at wal-mart, dumping the T1 into a cup, and then whipping the crap out of it. There's a lot of 4AD is T1, which I guess is a bitch to dissolve...he says this is the best way to keep it in the solution.


  18. I'm noticing more and more little granules in my T1 and heating/shaking doesn't help at all. Does this mean that I'm not getting the 4AD? I'd prefer to not have to buy a mixer, dump out the solution, mix it up, and then put it back in the bottle. I guess I will if I have to though.

  19. T-Bar,
    Dont take it out of the bottle...I bought the mixer and whipped the hell out of the T1, the 4AD still wouldnt dissolve. I tried everything I could think of to get it back into solution, but it just wouldnt go back in.
    However, you are still defiantely getting the 4AD, if your bottle is like mine and has several granules visable, when you apply you shouldnt notice more that 5-10 granules. Some of these may dissolve as you massage the lotion into your skin.
    To the best of my estimation, there cant be more than a gram of 4AD precipitating out of my bottle T1. I would assume that Im still getting at least 350mg per application (Im on 5 squirts a day...). I still have to use my anti-e to combat the estrogen bloating and tender tips, and my libido is still through the Im definately getting my share of 4AD.
    Dont take it out of the bottle. I lost about a weeks worth of T1 trying to get it back in. Just vigoursly shake it before each use, and rub it hard into your skin and youll be fine.
    Make sure that you're storing your bottle in a warm place. I had mine on the back of the toilet, thinking the bathroom would be plenty warm. But, the porcelin on the toilet was quite chilly, and I think that's how my 4AD came out.
    Chemo gives us such rock-bottom prices on this stuff, Im just going to order another bottle to finish off my cycle.


  20. Put it on the heat register 10mins before you apply. That works pretty good to. Talk to ya...

    PS The warm solution helps with absorption... 
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  21. I figured out if I apply it right after taking a really hot shower it absorbs really well, even the granules. I think having your skin warm and having your pores just cleaned makes a big difference.

  22. Originally posted by curt2go
    Put it on the heat register 10mins before you apply. That works pretty good to. Talk to ya...

    PS The warm solution helps with absorption... 
    Hey Curt...WTF is a heat register???  Is that one of those Canadian jokes on us Americans?


  23. LOL! Curt must be typing in Candian-ese!

  24. The little vent in your floor where your furnace puts the heat out... Man you guys are behind the times... hehehe. Talk to ya
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  25. LOL

    Hey, my parents call it a register, too. In the U.S.!


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