1. Question DHEA

    Hey all, i'm new here and my name is Caden. My girlfriend is interested in taking DHEA. Would this screw her up? Exactly what would the affects be on her? Would it just increase her estrogen levels?

  2. Anecdotal evidence here. I found a study about a year or more ago about women, DHEA and menopause. Well, the study showed that most all the women involved in the study had significant improvement in symptoms.

    To make a shorter post, I started my wife on DHEA for hot flashes, etc. It works. She has almost total relief(as I do ).

    I actually experimented with her by taking it away and not saying anything. Within days, she started experiencing hot flashes again. I told her what I did, and she was a bit perturbed, but it was wonderful evidence as to its effectiveness.

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