Cycle help please - Deca and Winny

  1. Cycle help please - Deca and Winny


    I'm looking into doing this as my first real AAS cycle.
    I've done 2 cycles of SD and a PH cycle before.

    This is the cycle I have recommended by a friend:
    1-14 Deca 400-600mg per week
    1-14 2-4 tabs(10mg each) of winny per day
    1-16 Nolv
    16- 20 Clomid.

    My stats; 6'3, 238lbs, 18% bf, 33 yrs old.

    What do you guys think? The reading I've done has conflicting stories about Deca.

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  2. what do you mean by " conflicting stories about deca ", I don't see nothing wrong with your cycle man

  3. 1) Your cholesterol is going to be in the ****ter for months with using winstrol, especially for 14 weeks.

    2) Deca for 14 weeks with no test... If you don't know why this is a bad idea, you need more research.

    If you're dead set on using a cycle like that, use the winstrol more like wk 13-17, so the deca will clear along with it.

  4. I was seriously thinking about running a 300mg of test along side the Deca. I have no desire to be shut down for months.
    I don't plan on running this cycle until Jan06, so I've got plenty of time to get this straight.

    Do you think the using deca for that length of time is just too long anyway?

  5. If your like most and want to have a life inside the "bedroom" I would run atleast 500mg of test alongside the deca. I also don't see a need to run the winny either. I'd rather you run SD the first 3 weeks.

  6. 14 weeks of winny? do you have any idea what you're doing .. you're gonna **** out your liver

    deca with no test? bad move

    do a ton more research before you hurt yourself

  7. damn I haven't noticed you wanna take winny for 14 weeks lol....

    do a ton more research before you hurt yourself

  8. winny for 14 weeks is to long, maybe 6 weeks at the end...I dont think you need the nolva throught the whole cycle you can administer it during the cycle if you see signs of gyno, but at least save yourself some money and wait till week 3 or 4 to start nolva (that's normall for people inclided to gyno)...I never heard of a deca/winny cycle, although i have heard of many people, getting good results with a deca dbol you dont necesarily need test in there, but on this board it seems EVERYONE says to add test...(some of this info is from the well known book "Chemical Muslce Enhancement" written by a very reputabe aas guru)

  9. Thanks for the advice guys.
    Like I mentioned earlier, this cycle was recommended to me and I bought it on that. Having read the advice from you guys, I think it would be a bad idea to proceed with it. I'll probably do some more research and go with a cycle more documented. Also at this point I might just do another SD cycle, my last two were good for over 10lbs over 4 weeks which I kept.

    Wolfe08: Thanks for the book advice, I just bought it.

  10. Wouldn't winstrol help with the progesterone problems Deca can give you?

  11. Nope it would not


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