hypothetical cycle advise

  1. hypothetical cycle advise

    Need some info/opinions on what to use to comprise the cycle; if these were still legal, I would want to use??: m4ohn, mdien, m14add, m1t, 1-test cyp, 4ad cyp, 5aa cyp, 4ht cyp, 1,4diol. Interested in advice as to a cycle length and make up for a nice lean bulk. Last used superdrol for the month of july. Stats: 6'1", 250lbs @ 18%bf. Diet is basically 55/30/15 p/c/f. Any opinions? Most interested in feedback on m14add, 4ad cyp, 5aa cyp, 4ht cyp, 1,4diol. I've used the others last year before the ban.

  2. honestly it's all illegal at this point, so go with real steroids not their precursors. it would also probably be easier to get real steroids, on top of that i know some of them would be cheaper and work better.

    week 1-12 Test E 500mg/Week shot 2x week (i.e. monday/thursday)
    week 13-15 Nolva 40mg/day
    week 15-17 Nolva 20mg/day

    that's all you need for good gains. if you buy powder your whole cycle could be had for <20 bucks...

  3. excellent point, but I have no source for real gear. I'd be interested in the test e powder. do you have pm's so we can take this off board?

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