Making the Best Out of a Bad Situation.

  1. Making the Best Out of a Bad Situation.

    I need your guys' help here. Without going into too much detail, for the next 10 weeks, my workout and dieting lifestyle are going to be compromised. Besides the fact that I'm an adult, I'll have a curfew and will have to wake up at 5:30 to run 4 days a week. I've done this for 2 weeks so far and have 10 remaining. I feel like I've been saddling up and riding next to The Catabolism Cowboy, as I've dropped a few pounds. Obviously, I don't like losing hard earned muscle. I was at a nice lean 195 and now am about 185. I would ideally like to at least remain at 195 or be above 200 lbs. by the last week. Another problem is I will be doing a 2 day a week HIT program. I realize that this is not optimal, especially when utilizing some of the new PH's. Due to my schedule, I will only be afforded 2 nights to lift per week, that's final. Eating arrangements aren't ideal either, but I am finding ways around that. I would also like to be able to complete the hourly morning cardio sessions without having a heart attack. I would like to start a cycle the 4th week I'm here, however I don't want to worry about PCT until after I'm out of here, if possible. If this means delaying the start of my cycle, so be it. My preliminary thoughts at the moment are to go with a stack of SD and PP. Legality of this cycle is of importance, so please keep this in mind. So what would you guys do for a cycle in my situation? Once again the goal of this cycle is to at least get back to my prior weight, maybe gain a little, maintaing endurance, and prevent catabolism. All input will be appreciated, thanks guys.

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  3. Your situation is way to vague. Are you in jail or something? I wouldn't want to do a cycle under less than perfect conditions.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by warriorway
    Your situation is way to vague. Are you in jail or something? I wouldn't want to do a cycle under less than perfect conditions.
    LOL, the opposite actually; I'm in police academy. It's a bit militaristic in it's structure but I can still manage to devote 2 days to lifting. Again, I'm basically looking to maintain my muscle.

  5. I would use something weaker. yeah they are legal but if you gain 20 lbs in 4wks someone might start watching you. maybe LMG. sd and phera will give you some lethargy. your best bet is to maintain what you have til your done.

  6. SS and PP in my experience are not good choices for endurance or stamina . when i did a 4 week cycle 2 weeks of each i could not play basketball or any sport without feelling like i was gonna die. i don't know if was blood pressure related or what but i could tell my blood pressure was up from those compounds. i did gain a lot of strength and mass from them but endurance sucked . i could not walk up hill for long. maybe max lmg or prostanozol would by different since they aren't methyls but i don't know.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by LowKeyLifter
    Nobody has any input?

    Well I appreciate what you 'want' but it is completely unrealistic.

    You have lost 10lbs of muscle in 2 weeks and now you want a way to not lose anymore muscle AND gain the 10lbs back but you are going to be in the same enviornment as you were when you lost the 10lbs.

    This is why so many guys when they get out of baisic training are like skinny rails when they went in pretty buff. And why so many guys in BUDS us AS.

    Well you got some good advice above and I wish you the best. BTW my buddy is going through what you are right now.

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