something that boosts red blood cell count

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  1. I love the characteristics of anavar, but if you remember ben johnson got got with Stanazol (winstrol).

  2. to what degree does anavar boost red blood cells?

  3. From the legal gear write up that I received from the O for M1P. "...increased Red Blood Cell production, similar to the prescription product and illegal doping agent, EPO."

    Now, this may or may not be true. This product has received mixed reviews from BB, but I do wonder if an endurance athlete were to use this product what would be the results? I am seriously considering using this product as part of my stack in order to build for the 2006 season. FYI I am a cyclist.

  4. As for Winny and Anavar. Yea, they work but you have to take a high amount of mg to be effective. I used these as standalone and I did not think it was worth it. Now, if you throw in test, that is a whole different story. Though it contradicts the norm I prefer a more potent AAS. I known of cyclist who use A-50 and I personally have used SD and PP. Both were exceptional. The gains come quickly and cycle need not be that long. This talk of weight gain in my mind is borderline myth. Keep your diet clean and it is not an issue.

  5. im interested in M1P now... tell me more about the effects you got from PP?

  6. Take a look at this thread on This person had M1P as part of a stack. Blood results stated his RBC was high. It came in at 50. He would have failed the HCT test if he was a cyclist.

  7. I stacked Phera with Prostan during a cut. It was the best cycle I have run. Weight dropped and on bike power went up. Granted my diet was very clean. This stack had a great sense of well being.


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