Lipid friendly anabolics/ or not?

  1. Lipid friendly anabolics/ or not?

    superdrol, max lmg, ergomax, prostanzanol, phera-plex, how would you rate easiest to worst on lipid levels? Please feel free to comment on any of the ones I haven't mentioned that are legal.

  2. Superdrol and M-1-T are terrible on the Lipids.
    Haven't tried any of the others.

  3. Prostan and max lmg should be much easier on lipids as there not 17a methyls. Superdrol is the worst out of what you listed.

  4. yeah I've heard that superdrol is bad. As harsh as the sides are on phera0-plex are, you would think that it would be on the same level as superdrol.

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