Oratropin during PCT

  1. Oratropin during PCT

    Currently early in a 12 week Enan and was thinking about trying out Oratropin to help keep some of the gains during PCT. Also read it works well on going hypo so incorporating it with B12 would help keep up my appetite right? any knowledge on this plan would be great


  2. Yeah, it can't hurt. Go with your heart. haha

    I'm currently using lr3 igf-1 for PCT.. seems to be working well. 1 week in.

  3. I've only read great things about oratropin or IGF during pct. Most say they'll try to use it in PCT as often as they can afford after doing it once.

  4. I am also thinking of using it during pct after a 12 weeker. So if anyone actually used it during pct info would be greatly appreciated.

  5. I used it during PCT. I was in a leaning phase. I seemed to hold muscle and stay pretty ripped moreso than without. I'll be using it again during PCT along with Hex.


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