Stay on ? 47 yo.

  1. Stay on ? 47 yo.

    Wonder if I should even hassle with a PCT after being on for 11 months, at age 47, good gains, tried a month of PCT after 6 months using Clomid, 2 weeks of HCG , and nolva, ... but lost so much so quick, not to say some lethargy and depression I just went back on. Maybe it was just the Clomid? I don't know.

    I don't need to worry about having kids, but got to keep the "boys" running, and ect.

    I have done some low level Pro-Hormone cycles the past few years with fairly ggod results using Creatine at the same time. My only other cycle was a 10 week pryimid D-Bol only cycle about 20 years ago ( age 27 ) in which I gained a lean 25 pounds, and kept my weight with only a 20% loss in overall strenght.

    Anyone with a similar situation or suggestions. Can I " bridge?" ...... small PCT's ??? I have enough of a stash of AAS and Pro-Hormone Transdermals to stay "on" for 3 years, OR ... (15) - 10 week reg. cycles

    Would it matter ??? Any input appreciated.

  2. come off for a bit and go see a doc .. you might be able to get a script for HRT .. if you don't care about having kids i see no reason not to stay on 200-250mg test e a week (double a normal hrt dose) while throwing in a few blasts of 500-1000mg of test a year

  3. I'm assuming you are on some type of test for the 11 months? Or was it something else? If you want to stay on, just use test, you can use other things once in a while, but don't just stay on using PH's or orals or something...again, just make test as your base and then every so often you can either up the dose or stack some other compounds in to amplify gains...

  4. i vote yes!

  5. my opinion would be to go on clomid for 31 days at 100mgs, nolva 20mgs and take tribulus 5-10g a day until you go back onto another cycle.

  6. Yes, I always used either Cyp or Eth. Stacked it with some EQ for awhile then Andropen 275.

    With a couple of 5 weeks periods of HCG at 500iu 2x per week.

    so ... ???

  7. Ck, I would get your blood work done...if it turns out that you still have normal T levels, then no, I wouldn't stay on, as their is no reason to. Remember, other health concerns can arise even from low doses of test....especially at your age...prostate, BP, lipids, all kinds of things...

    If it turns out that your levels are low, then it's your decision....if it were me, I would most def do it as long as it didn't cause any other health problems. I really think that if you take care of your body and for the most part, don't just let yourself go over the years, and keep up with yourself, natty T decline is very rare until a man hits the 60-70 year mark. So get em checked, and go from there.

  8. Thanks lifted,

    I am thinking of tuffing out with PCT Oct. -March 2006 and do the basic, heavy movements to stimulate natural test. production. I could benefit from some Cardio and stretching also. Sort of a "periodization thing".

    Maybe to blood work for Test. levels at the 4th month.

    How's that ?

  9. Sounds good to me... bloodwork at anytime is always a good thing.


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