Liquid Clomid/Novladex FAQ

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  1. Liquid Clomid/Novladex FAQ

    Liquid products (clomid & novladex in particular) are popping up everywhere and are becoming easily avaliable and quite popular. So with that said, let's go over some common questions....

    Is liquid clomid & novladex legal?

    Clomid and novla. tabs are legal, if you have a 'script. If not, then you're not going to be able to go to the pharmacy and request them and expect to receive them. If you can not find a source for tabs, then no problem, go for the liquid products. These are legal for research purposes!. You can buy them over the internet, using your regular name, regular mailing address, regular credit card with no problems. Its all legal.

    Where can I get these liquid goods?

    There are several, fairly new distributors of research chemicals and compounds out there. Contact one of the mods and get their recommendation on the best place to purchase.

    Should I get Clomid or 6-oxo

    This is your choice. I wont decide for you. As for which is better, there's no head to head comparion. Clomid isnt over the counter, 6-oxo is. I prefer clomid, mainly because of the price. They wiull both function well and help your body recover from artifical androgens. So its your choice.

    Which should I get? Novla or Clomid?

    Again, treat this as tabs. Which would you get if you were using tabs? I would get both to be honest. Keep your novladex on hand in case of gyno. If you have never had gyno and wantto assume you wont, thats fine, no big deal, go for the clomid to help the jewels return to utopia.

    Which is better.. Tabs or liquid?

    I have used both. Both have done their job abd acted in the same manner equally. Put it this way, liquid products are tabs suspended in a solution so they can be taken orally. Liquid products, for most, are easier to obtain and fast becoming the choice.

    How exactly do I take these liquid products?

    Although they are liquid they are not meant to be injected!. These are oral solutions, to be taken by mouth. I drop the proper dose in my mouth, swish it around and swallow. Now, I wont lie to you, the taste is enough to make you not want to use it again. You can pay an extra $2 and buy a hundred or so gel caps. Take a needle and syringe, inject the proper dose of liquid into the caps and take them that way, its simple also and no taste.

    What dose of the liquid products do I take?

    Again, treat these products like tabs. How much would you take if you had a hundred or so tabs on hand? If you do not know, I wont explain here and you should discard your anabolics ASAP, because you're clueless. Doses will differ from person to person, I generally play it on the safe side and start at 200mgs ED for a week, 100mgs ED for a week, 50mgs ED for a week. This is something you will have to assess yourself. Im sure you can search around and get your answer. Some start at 300mgs ED for a week, the standard I believe is 200mgs ED for a week.

    How long will one bottle of liquid last me?

    Once again, this is dependant upon what dose range you use. More often than not, one bottle will be enough for you. Liqua-Solutions sells a 50mL bottle of clomid for $25. Which is an excellent price. This is 50mg per mL. So if you use the method I stated above, it would look like this:

    4mL ED for a week (28 total mL)
    2mL ED for a week (14 total mL)
    1mL ED for a week (7 total mL)

    *Thats 49mL total. Ah perfect since its a 50mL bottle. So $25 for complete clomid coverage. Thats stellar.

    Novladex is generally used at 20-40mgs ED when gyno appears. So depending upon which you do, will determine how long the bottle will last. Again, at Liqua-Solutions, this is a 50mL bottle. 20mgs per mL.

    How Do I measure the amount I need?

    Do not be alarmed, each bottle comes with a dropper for you to do your measuring. Generally, the dropper is customized for the product you purchased. If there is no dropper included, you can go to your local pharmacy, feed store, Wal Mart and purchase yourself a dropper for some extra change.

    Do any other products come in liquid form?

    Yes, as a matter of fact. You can obtain Letrozole, anastrozole (arimidex), exemesatne, Cialis, sildenifil citrate, Clen, T3, Finasteride, and a few others, all for very reasonable prices and all very much legal.

    If you have any other questions, feel free to ask them IN HERE

    Thanks, YJ
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  2. This sure helps answer many of the ???? people have. The price is great. I'm going with clomid my next cycle, screw 6-oxo.

  3. Wish i knew about htis before my current cycle and 100 dollars worth of 6 oxo

  4. Originally posted by spike1205
    Wish i knew about htis before my current cycle and 100 dollars worth of 6 oxo
    No ****! that stuff is mad expensive.

  5. thanx yj.. helps a lot bro.. is clomid a receptor blocker or an anti-aromatiser? what about novla?

  6. Originally posted by LakeMountD
    thanx yj.. helps a lot bro.. is clomid a receptor blocker or an anti-aromatiser? what about novla?
    You cant be serious.

  7. To prevent YJ from a head of gray hair, I'll answer you..

    Clomid is actually a fertility drug, but this helps athletes who use AAS because of its ability to stimulate Lutenizing Hormone, and Folicle Stimulating Hormone.. These hormones are key when it comes to gettin' your nuts back to normal.. Clomid also has an estrogen-blocking effect, meaning it can block estrogen from binding to receptors.. Nolvadex, or Tamoxifen Citrate, also has a LH/FSH stimulating effect, but is stronger in its anti-estrogen effect..

    So, the two compounds are anti-estrogens...

  8. Also, Anastrozole is an anti-aromatase... This compound, commonly known as Arimidex, can block estrogen production, not the receptor.. It keeps aromatase enzyme from binding to free testosterone, in return, blocks estrogen production PERIOD!!

    Do not thank me, this is what I do...

  9. Thanks a lot Pete, I will put the razor blade down now.....

  10. Brother, you're too young for gray hair..

  11. No,
    I was going to gash my wrists

  12. Originally posted by YellowJacket
    I was going to gash my wrists
    The "gray hair" comment was a nice way of puttin' it..
  13. Nelson
    Nelson's Avatar

    Thanks a lot for this info YJ.
    It`s the most useful post I`ve seen for a while.
    How long will the liquid clomid be good for after purchase, and how should it be stored?

  14. damn YJ no need to flip out.. i dont know too much about the substances cause hell they are substances i have never used therefore i have never needed to research them.. sheesh.

  15. Originally posted by LakeMountD
    damn YJ no need to flip out.. i dont know too much about the substances cause hell they are substances i have never used therefore i have never needed to research them.. sheesh.
    That information is ALL over this board and every board man, this thread is intended for questions related to the compounds suspended in solution, not their actions.

  16. nice post, damn... should definitely help to preempt more and more of these kinds of questions that are popping up

  17. sorry... that is an amazing price... ergopharm definitely has some problems pricing 6-oxo so high.. i talked to a few of my older friends around campus who have done cycles of aas and they seem to think the world of it so i might give it a try after my ph.. thanx again for the info

  18. This should be a sticky in the steroid section.

  19. awesome info
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  20. Good stuff!

  21. I already have grey if i go bald at age 25 its gonna suck.

  22. Here's what you could expect from your order...

    50ml Liqua-clomid vial..
    Attached Images Attached Images  

  23. Oral syringe, $2.39 at Walgreens.. Holds 5ml or  2 tsp..

    Comes with scrubber brush for cleaning, and an adapter to draw the dosage from..
    Attached Images Attached Images  

  24. yep those are the ones Pete I also like the little one you can pour into.. I will attempt to get a picture of it tonight


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