liqui-clomid and 6-oxo -

liqui-clomid and 6-oxo

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    liqui-clomid and 6-oxo

    If you could use them both post cycle would you. Or would it be useless to add the 6-oxo?

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    Originally posted by andro69
    If you could use them both post cycle would you. Or would it be useless to add the 6-oxo?
    The only advantage that 6-oxo would have (other than being over the counter) is that it will keep your estrogen levels from rising while at the same time raising your testosterone levels. Clomid binds with the estrogen receptor, but does not send an activation signal. Consequently, your body thinks that the estrogen level is too low and sends a signal to your testes to produce more testosterone. Some of that testosterone will be aromitized to estrogen which 6-oxo (being a suicidial aromatase inhibitor) will prevent.

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