19 Nordiol

  1. 19 Nordiol

    I was going to down the aas road but decided to go for the middle ground being prohormones. After about 2 months of training, I was introduced to 19Nor diol by my local supplement shop, knowing nothing about what it was or did, I started taking it and loved the intensity and aggression it gave me when training. The product was by ABF, I don't know if anyone is familiar with this brand but if so I would like your views on it, it is an oral liquid which is held under the tounge for a minute or so. Anyway, I want to do another cycle of it andwant to know which brand is best, I was very happy with ABFs which they say have 175mg or 19 Nor diol per serving but if Avant Labs or Ergopharm are better then I will go with them. I still don't know much about phs as I've been researching aas instead so what do I need to take post cycle and how long should my cycle be ? Thanks in advance.

  2. There's plenty of cycle info around, so keep reading... and yes I believe you'll be happier with a transdermal instead of sublingual, if you can find some Nor-Aderm (Avant) or Norandro-Spray (Ergo)... both have been discontinued to my knowledge.

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  3. Go with a transdermal. you will be happier... Talk to ya
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  4. Thanks guys, to my knowledge 1fast has some left unless they just haven't took it off their site.

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