when to come off

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    when to come off

    hey guys was wondering if u could help me out i am preparing for a show in 2 and a half weeks im currently taking 400 mgs of 1 test and 600 mgs of 19 nor i was wondering when i should come off these to get the best results without holding too much water

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    I would come off soon and get the anit-e going, or just cotinue but add the anti-e in now and eliminate all the water you can that way.
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    If you started the cycle too soon, you won't get any gains out of it since the comp is close at hand..

    Next time, you gotta time your cutting/contest prep, and carefull of the ph used.. It really would suck to do a tested show, and you lose a good placing because your piss reads "injectable" on their urinalysis chart..

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