DIANABOL OR..........

  1. DIANABOL OR..........

    Hey iam new here. Iam just wondering if anyone has any suggestions
    on what i should get to increase my muscle strength. I was thinking about
    dianabol. do any of you guys have any suggestions i just feel ive gotten as
    far as iam gonna get naturally. thank you.

  2. comical. you've reached genetic potential at 18 y/o. that's impressive.

    bet your diet is spot on too, huh?

  3. lol, dbol is ALWAYS the answer.

  4. I dont need any smart alec remarks i just want some info. Thanks

  5. peaked, I suggest you stick around for awhile and get your training/diet down...read up on all of the articles and threads, and ask training/nutrition questions as you see fit. Then when you turn 22-23 do your research on AAS and then and only then come back and ask any additional questions that you may have regarding cycling.

  6. the answer is this is against board rules. under 21. check em out sometime, your stay may be elongated.

  7. show us what you eat, then we can help you out. And no dbol is just one piece of a puzzle and make oyu look like ****.

  8. dudes .. he's peaked .. says so right in his username


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