which to run with Fina.... 4AD

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    which to run with Fina.... 4AD

    doing some research and it looks like people are saying that there is no need to run 1-test along with fina..... and that i would be better running 4-Ad with my fina.... any feedback on this...... If i am right, why is it this way..... Doesnt 4-ad have similar properties as fina.... wouldnt i want the 1-test?

    Im running the fina for about 8 weeks... dont have a hook up for prop... so im looking the PH route.... any feedback would be greatly appreciated.....

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    I'm running T4 gel on my fina cycle right now... i plan on running prop later but i see no reason why it couldn't be run the entire cycle... its just that i have the prop here... i just need to order the kit to remove the estradiol

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