stopped SD cycle 3 days, can i go back on? (read to see what i mean)

  1. Unhappy stopped SD cycle 3 days, can i go back on? (read to see what i mean)

    i was planning on doing some travelling thru asia for my air conditioning business and i halted a superdrol cycle after only 3 weeks in order to give myself time to complete my pct prior to leaving (not sure what's legal in asia and i saw that movie brokedown palace so i wont mess around!). now, my trip has been pushed back indefinitely. i started taking my nolva and rebound xt on sunday night (less than 3 days ago). i would like to continue my cycle since when i stopped, i was gaining an unbelievable amount of lean mass. is this possible? would it be advisable? i have done two cycles in the past (one m1t and one ergo) and this SD cycle is my third. i am 25, lifting about ten years, and i experienced no noticeable side effects during any of my cycles (except hair shedding but with my previous two cycles, it came back after pct so i'm not worried).

    this is my first post but i have read for a while and have a lot of respect for the knowledge on this site, but i am hoping this isn't the kind of question that is gonna get me reemed for even suggesting it! thanks guys!

  2. Whats the hurry? I Mean you were probably only going to do another week right? I wouldent confuse your body like that, finish PCT, take a break and do a full cycle in 6 weeks.

  3. it is possible, but i wouldn't mess with it. you would be better off running PCT, waiting another 3 weeks, and than running a full cycle

  4. a 3 wk cycle is still a good cycle. I'd wait also.

  5. looks like i'll be waiting. thanks guys.

  6. Since you started on the PCT's better to continue on that path. The norm is 3 weeks on the SD cycle. The PCT already has been introduced into your body and it's too late to go back to the SD cycle...sorry.


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