max lmg/superdrol/prostanozol

  1. max lmg/superdrol/prostanozol

    what do ya'll think about this stack fellas?

  2. im sure somebody has an opinion or suggestions.

  3. I have taken MAX LMG and the Prostanazol..... The max lmg was great for everything, but forget getting a erection. Prostanazol on the other hand was mild. It did though make me mean as hell to people and put me in a lousy mood....... Never taken superdrol so can't tell ya on that one....


  4. i've seen like 15 people view this and no responses..whats going on here?

  5. thanks dog, so the max worked for you pretty good then..can you tell me what to expect from max lmg? and what you gained from it

  6. Hey man I did the same cycle, great gains but if I did it again I'd drop the Prostan, didn't really like it and felt it was very mild. Maybe run it the last 2 weeks and up the dosage to like 4-5 caps, might give something. Also might kill you joints, so think about that. Max/SD will give you some real nice gains and great increase in strength.

  7. How many other cycles have u ran?????????

  8. sounds like a good cycle lets see how long you want to run it at what doses.

  9. I don't think i can post the exact link here, but check out Growin Guns' thread titled "Growin Guns Superstack Supergeaser log" at He is running that exact stack as we speak.

  10. doing sd/max lmg together for 6 wks, in week 5 start the prostan.

    doing the 30 mgs of sd, 3 pills of max, and when i start the prostan ill do 100 mgs a day

  11. Would it not be a good idea to get a little history of past cycles before giving any ideas, just a thought!!!!!!!!

  12. Be sure to run some Liver support along with it. Also I began taking ATD in my last week of my cycle and it seemed to help me alot.. Also Liquid Clomid and Nolvadex PCT really got me going back normal after 2 weeks of dosage... I really like the Max LMG, but I really don't love the whole loss of libido issue.... Not sure what supplement would act like true test to stack with Superdrol. Mabye True Test in suspension form is the only additive...



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