4-ad/1-test injectable

  1. 4-ad/1-test injectable

    Could it be done in the same solution???? kinda like prop/fina - i know it would prolly burn like hell but im just wondering if it possible.

    It would be cool though 2/1 ratio for bulk and 1/2 ratio for lean.
    If someone can figure it out/knows i just might be crazy enough to give it a shot

  2. There is supposedly a burn free 1-test powder out there now, or soon to be.

  3. oh really - where do u get the powder????also what i was wondering is if you could get 1test and 4-ad to be stable in the same solution. like a prop/fina sorta thing I mean i assume it can be done im just wondering how?

  4. I have heard of an oil/water suspension coming out that is supposedly designed for 1-test and 4-AD. We will see what comes of it.

  5. i think it would be effective

  6. or at least fun to expierement with


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