Some help with pct..

  1. Some help with pct..

    Hey guys..

    I have a little problem.. im in PCT right now, and i only
    have enough nolva for about 3 weeks at 20mg/ed

    I ordered UH before i started, then about halfway through i ordered
    some novedex from a different supplier, and have basically gotten the
    shaft for both orders.

    Also using LX, Fenugreek, cissus for PCT, coming off a M1T cycle.

    I basically have around 16ml of tamoxifen citrate @ 20mg/ml
    How should i set up my PCT? (been doing 40mg ed for last 4 days)

    Any help would be appreciated.

  2. If it were me, I'd order some more tamoxifen (from CNW). The reason I say this is because it was an m1t cycle. I just don't think an m1t cycle is where you would want to skimp or cut corners. I'd keep going at 40mg and CNW would have your package to you long before you ran out. I personally buy the powder, it's a great deal.


  3. Dude, i would, but custom dosent ship to canada anymore, and the whole problem here is i dont have a credit card, so i have to send money orders, which apperently get lost in the freakin mail.
    I agree, you dont wanna skimp on PCT for M1T.

  4. Sorry bro. I didn't realize you were a cardless canadian. You might check with IBE. I'm pretty sure they ship to Canada, but I don't know about their payment options. I do think they have a toll free number on their website. It might be worth the call.


  5. Good call, ill have to check out that avenue.

  6. do they sell 6oxo in canada? that would be better than nothing. Also I hear zma has some antiestrogen properties. its not enough to replace pct but I would add it if you dont get any antiestrogen.


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