I'm in need for good info!!!

  1. I'm in need for good info!!!

    What is up my peoples...This is my first post here and I'm kinda new NOW that I have gone through some tough times coming off 2 cycles of M1T...I'll make this short and sweet. Last april I used M1T for 4 weeks. Got off for 2 weeks and jumped back on for 3 weeks.. I never pct anything because I didn't do research...LIKE AN IDIOT!..Anyhow..I just recently cycled 6oxo about 2 weeks ago due to feeling almost like my muscles were starting to soften up. I'm sure you guys are probling thinking I'm crazy for goiing this long...but I didn't know anything about pct. I thought it would all come back norm... I have been an athletic all my life and have always been in good shape. I just ordered nolvadex and fenugreek to help out with this problem I'm having...."da boys are not the same"...I'm worried they will never be the same again. Will nolvadex balance my estrogen out permanently? Or do I have to continue using it since it was a long spaced time for pct? Is it ok to take both at the sametime? Much respect for anything to help me out.


  2. MIT shuts you down fast it is really hard on the hpta. I did it once and took clomid right after and it still took a long time (2 to 3) months to get back to normal. You might want to throw rebound or ultra hotter in with the nolva or after. People have also been adding DHEA to their recovery. Also do a search in here for post cycle recovery there is alot of good information.

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