AAS vs new Anabolic Supplements

  1. AAS vs new Anabolic Supplements

    Anyone have an opinion on whats a better option?

    IMO, the 2 cycles I did of Anavar ( one a while back, one recently ) were more effective and had less sides than using supps. I had no shrinkage or for that matter any sides taking 20mg a day Anavar ( I know not a huge dose ), but great gaines.

    Gains on the new supps for me were about half to 2/3 of my AAS cycles but I definatly had shrinkage by the end. They came back quickly.

    But the supps are so much cheaper and easier to get.

    Anyone else have similar exp?

    Edit - yeah I know my AAS isnt very extensive, so if you know better than I, I will not argue.

  2. You just can't beat Test IMO.
    And price wise anything is cheaper to get than Anavar.

  3. he's right, test is best. and there is simply NOTHING that can compare to tren. in my opinion illegal gear is far great than anabolic supps and cheaper to.

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