Stack advice...Help

  1. Stack advice...Help

    -one small bottle of vpx 1-test ----20 servings
    - 2 1/2 weeks of M1T
    - Full bottle of Superdrol
    - 240cc of Finigenx

    What would be the best possible stack out of these?

    I was thinking

    day 1-40- --- 6 ml of finigenx
    day 1-45 ----- 20mg of superdrol
    day 25-45 ----- 1-test

    and I have novla for pct

  2. I dont think you'll see anything from 6ml of finigenx ed-most people are dosing it at 12ml and up to see good gains. Also I think 45 days on superdrol is way to long. If I was you I would buy another 240 of finigenx so you can run it properly, run the SD for 21 days in the begining and wouldn't bother with the 1-test becuase you don't have enough imo

  3. what if i did....

    week 1-3 ----finigenx at 10 ml
    week 1-3 ---- SD 10mg first week then 20mg second and third
    week 1-3 ---- 1-test ( i know i dont have enough, but im sure if will
    help a little bit)

    Do you guys think the finigenx will work well at that dosage?

  4. I still don't think it's worth running the finigenx like that. It seems to be one of those compounds that gets best results when run for 5-6 weeks or more. Why not just skip the finigenx this cycle and wait till you can get enough? I've run 2 superdrol cycles before solo and each time picked up 10-15lbs in 3 weeks & a ton of strength-I would just run the SD at 20mg ed for 3 weeks with the 1-test. You'll see good gains as long as your diets in order.

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