Musculoskeletal benefits from Test?

  1. Musculoskeletal benefits from Test?

    I've heard endless stories about guys with back pain or joint pain becoming pain-free for years after a cycle with deca as a component. So there is no doubt that deca has these benefits.

    Since I got over 200 pounds (about 1 year ago), I've developed a slight discomfort in my upper-middle back (around the romboids). I'm about to do a testosterone enanthate only cycle (@ 500mg / week), can I expect any similar benefits from the testosterone? I've heard that it can heal injuries, etc.

  2. It can help heal injuries within the muscle tissue becaue it repairs itself quicker. Test will not help as far as I know heal joint problems. Deca is known for being soothing on the joints but I don't know how much this "repairs" joint problems though. To answer you question though I would not expect any benefit from test on the back pain you described.

  3. Actually you wouldn't really feel that much from deca.. the "healing" powers of deca are blown way out of proportion IMO

  4. Testosterone in lower dosages (to about 250mg per week IIRC) will help heal tendons.

    Past that point though the benefits diminish and eventually at higher doses (like 400+ per week) it begins to actually decrease collagen synthesis rather than increase it. So in fact, Testosterone at the doses typical for a cycle will be more likely to indirectly CAUSE tendon damage than to heal it. On a typical cycle of Test alone, you will heal tendons and joints slower than you would if you weren't oncycle at all.

    If tendons and joints are a major concern, cycle design should use Deca or EQ as your primary high dose AAS, and combine that with a replacement dose of Test. So for example 600mg/week of Deca or EQ + 200mg/week of Test.

    Alternately if you have access to Primo, you can ignroe the Test completely and just go with a Primo only cycle. Although in order to get decent gains from Primo you'll need a fairly high dose. Plus Primo doesn't increase collagen synthesis as much as Deca or EQ.

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