First cycle advice

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    First cycle advice

    I'll be running my first cycle within the next 2 months. I'll being doing 500mg Test Enan every week with 10mg Nolva ED for anti-e. I'm on HRT, so I'll just return to my normal protocol after the 10 week cycle.

    I've always had a slight back pain (nothing serious, just uncomfortable) between my scapula, and I've considered using Deca as an aid for that. I've heard so many vets discuss the musculoskeletal benefits of deca, and I was wondering what those same vets think about a newb running Test Enan and Deca for a first cycle.

    I know it's a contraversial issue, and I do appreciate any contributions to the discussion. Thanks.

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    well the only thing is the deca won't really kick in until week 6 .. so 10 weeks of deca is pretty short .. plus you'd want to run the enan a week longer than deca due to the difference in ester length

    but i don't think 500mg test e and 300mg of deca is too much for a first cycle

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