Need a lil newbie help

  1. Need a lil newbie help

    A few stats about me im 5'-11" @192lbs 31 yrs old ive lifted on and off for about 6 years and the last 2 years more seriously. I have ddone in the past 2 4 week cycles of cypionate and sustanon.The last 12 mnths i have done 3 -5 week cycles of 1test/4ad (transdermal) gained some good muscle from it plus some fat also.
    i still have some 1 test and 4ad left but decided to go a little more serious . I now have access to test cypionate,enthanate,deca, anavar,winstrol,halotestin + nolvadex,finasteride,arimedex , clomid and hcg.
    what would be a good first cycle to start with. i plan on doing some long cycles as i dont like to be off cycle and will of course will use hcg to keep me from shrinking to low.
    But what would be a good place to start with and what dosages.Plus since i still have some 1 -test and 4ad can i use them in to cycle with the AAS as i dont wnat to waste it.would you recommend cypionate & 1-test or deca & 4ad. thanx

  2. BUMP.. The main question i have is with regards to runnin the ph's with the AAS. since i read that 1-test is similar to that of primobolan or tren and since 4ad is aimilar to testosterone cypionate i was wondering if it would be ok to use them together in a stack. Marc

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