Time off from clen/T3

  1. Time off from clen/T3

    With so many people running long cycles of clen and T3 (with ketotifen and/or benadryl), what's the ideal or necessarry time off from these? So if you ran clen for 6 weeks, do you need 6-10 weeks off for thyroid health's sake (as with AAS or PH/PS's), or can you resume a cycle after only a week or 2 off?

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    anybody know how the thyroid rebounds, time frame???

  3. I believe I saw a study (survey, if you wanna get technical) showing people who were mistakenly prescribed T3 (Misdiagnosed thyroid condition) recovered their normal thyroid function within 2 weeks.

    Hope this helps.

  4. the thyroid rebounds fairly quick from what i have read. however this could be complete and utter bull****.

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