Best PCT following this? Opinions Please

  1. Best PCT following this? Opinions Please

    Week 1-6 Max LMG 75mg daily
    Weeks 1-6 Prostanzol 75mg daily
    Weeks 2-7 Ergomax LMG
    Weeks 1-7 Pro Liver (contains MC and NAC)

    I have read so many different thoughts on PCT what is the best one to do after this type cycle..

    I have Ultra Hot , DHEA, Fenugreek, Vitex, RYR, Clomid, Nolvadex ????

    What is you guys thoughts?

  2. From what I have gathered don't use the Clomid and Nolva in conjuction with the Ultra HOT. Also UT seem that is could very well be used as a stand alone PCT protocol. Anyways you could do

    Weeks 1-2 Clomid/Nolva
    Weeks 3-4 Ultra HOT

    and include the other supps throughout!

  3. Other Supps...

    You mean run the Fenugreek, RYR, DHEA and Vitex throughout the whole Cycle??

    Please explain why?

  4. I meant throughout the entire PCT!

  5. You could also drop the vitex unless you have prolactin realated problems



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