119 5' 5" and 19 years old... help.

  1. 119 5' 5" and 19 years old... help.

    Hi. I'm new. Let me give background. I've always been little, but I have some genetic potential (my dads 5' 11" 190)

    A year ago I was diagnosed with some disease where I can't eat bread or anything with wheat protein or something like that. It's called celiac blah blah blah.

    Most I've ever weighed was 130 about a year ago.

    I tried creatine serum for two months, only to discover that has been proven ineffective. Powder is a little rough on my gastro.

    I know using SD isn't smart, I'm 19 and my body produces enough testosterone. I bought some two months ago and am not going to use until it expires (if it does?? I haven't checked). Secondly, I am already sick enough.

    If I wasn't five five I wouldn't care, but the rest of my body needs to be perfect.

    I have a question, if my body has enough test already, would I benefit from using straight nolva cycle? not that M1P crap or even 6oxo.

    Here are some pics to prove that I worked my ass off. Although I've barely lifted since I was diagnosed.

    I'm betting micro creatine is my best bet... but with my situation I need to get creative.

    PS... the pics make me look bigger than I am bc of the camera angle.
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  2. you need to eat, forget drugs

  3. mods are going to jump on this one any minute. You need to read the board rules, and delete your own thread before they do. You're too young to post in the Anabolics section.

  4. Here's a little help that coincides with the other post: Eat good solid sources of protein, complex carbs, and healthy fats and hit the weights for another 3-4 years. Your natural test levels are through the roof at this point in your life. TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THEM!


  6. eat 500g of protein a day then if you can't eat carbs (basically)

  7. Read the board rules and PLEASE for the love of God DO SOME READING before you post another question like this.. We get at least 2 questions like this a month and all you have to do is do a search and you would find some of the answers you were looking for.


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